University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Parkside; an open, accepting, home-like community, where everyone has a place.


The University of Parkside is very diverse but is mainly focused on gay pride and different groups; focus on academic areas is not, in my opinion, a big concern.


The Univeristy of Wisconsin-Parkside is a small and welcoming University with the potential to best prepare the student for a career in the real world.


UW-Parkside is a very friendly, diverse campus that contains a very scenic view.


UW-Parkside is a great school for incoming freshmen, and even older students, because it has a very relaxed enviornment, and the teachers connect with the students and help in any way possible.


the university of wisconsin parkside is very involved in activities, fun and small.


The University of Wisconsin Parkside is an excellent school that focuses on individualized learning for each student.


The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a wonderful school that makes all of its students feel welcomed.


Ethinically diversed and friendly.


My school is friendly, warm, outgoing, and accepting.


My school was built in 1968, expanded many times and is currently at the cutting edge of technology in the classrooms.


Parksides campus allows you to become involved in your school and the community, it is full of friendly students who share your intrest in school, as well as approchable professors who only want to see you succeed.


A comfortable acedemic enviornment in which helps enrich lives and learning.


UW-Parkside is a school for real education and a good atmospheric diverse university. I would say Parkside is a real education because professors here are well talented and know what they are doing. They try to pursue students into a higher level and not giving up on what they want to achieve for the students. Not only that they pursue our goals but also to inspire us on what they have done while they were still in college. All of my professors so far are very good teachers and they always have a connection to the students.


UW-Parkside becomes your home away from home no matter who you are; the diverse faculty, alumni, and current students offer guidance, social support, and plenty of enriching activities while keeping academics and post-graduation plans a top priority.


Easy going atmosphere and everyone kind of keeps to themselves and their own friends.


A beautiful college with a wide variety of activities available to students.


My school is divesified enough to make students from all stations in life and all ages alike feel at home as their own individual student, but challenging enough to level the playing field when it comes to reconstructing worldviews and producing new systems for reasoning and evaluation.