University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is a very good school for pre-med. 94% acceptance rate into medical school.


The University of Wisconsin Parkside is a small school compared to others out there. Its's nice though because they have small class sizes and alot of activities and clubs for you to join and meet new people. When I first came here I was scared because its all new to me, but, from the minute i walked into my housing I was welcomed by people around me read to answer my questions. I recommend this school to those of you who want a smaller campus and alot of nice people around you ready to help.


The professors are the quintessential key to the learning experience at UWP. The passion they display draws you into learning, even within subjects you previously found no interest.


Parkside is a great college for people who have other priorities in life. They offer a very flexible course schedule. I have a full-time and part-time job to help support myself, and I am able to attend college part-time at night. Most of the professors are very understanding of the sutdents' life situations, as well. They are very lenient with classes. All of the faculty members are very understanding of the students' priorities, and they're willing to help you come up with a solution that will fit your schedule.


I brag to my friends, when they return home, is that I met new people and theyare all diferent age groups. We can have fun and interact. We get along despite the age differece.


the things i brag about mostly at my school is the extracurricular activities, parties and classes.


The new student center and its location


We don't talk about my school often; i'm not satisfied with my learning experience here fully.


It's difficult to pick just one, because I brag mostly about two things: The first being the amazing quality of my teachers. I have professors who have their doctorates in their respective fields and give amazing lectures. The second would be the beautiful area surrounding the campus. Parkside is located right next to an amazing and enormous park, with some of the most beautiful trees I've ever seen. Before attending UW Parkside, I attended UW Madison, a much larger and more competitive university. I feel as though Parkside is a much better fit for me.


The teachers and clubs.


I tell my friends that they should attend to uwp because of the great opportunities that they have and give to each student.


That there are a lot of activities i could be involved in but, i personally do not have the time. It is a very nice school for general education.


I always talk about how helpful it is that it is a small school and that class sizes are small. The one-on-one attention with the professors provides an excellent learning environment. Also, there are no TA's so you are always being taught by the professor and go to him/her for any questions.


I don't brag about UWP. I criticize it and bemoan my attendance. I came from a Big 10 school and wish I had never left.


The easiest way to get out of trouble The great res life staff My leadership positions