Valencia College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very diverse which allows you to get to know not only about themselves but also their background.


Its very diverse. Most of the students are nice. I see a lot of friendships that have been made. Which includes the ones I have made myself.


Friendly, welcoming, funny,open minded!




The students I dealt with my freshman year were all from a plethora of differents places, lifestyles, ethnicities, personality traits and just a lot of differences.


You never know what to expect.


They were very friendly and I have kept in touch with them .


Many students are very excited to learn but the younger ones are not yet sold on the idea that they have to pass certian classes.


Most of my classmates are eager to learn and are very attentive in class.


My classmates at Valencia have all been supportive and helpful to each other.


Asking me to describe my classmates strikes me as a relatively bleak request, because this notion places me in a situation in which I'm supposed to paint a portrait--characterizing a group of individuals, each with their own lives, without any of the knowledge necessary to provide a loyal description of who these people are. My point is that i cannot possibly deliver an honest description of any of my classmates, nor do i have the right to do so. I could lie about these people, with the intent of constructing the illusion that I am greater than them.


They are very helpful and caring. that is the best part with every class. any student will go out of their way to help you out with understanding the course work or clearing up any questions. I, myself have helped many students as well as needing help from others. their like your own peer tutors.


My classmates are mainly kids that couldnt get into a university or decided to stay local or couldnt afford better more reputable schools. They usually have no idea what they are going to do with their own lives, yet when it comes to other people they become the ultimate know-it-all. Most of them keep to themselves and are worried about the same things everyone worries about, but they think it is just them that is worried. Everyone is in the same boat.


About 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my classmates are a bit immature and seen to be unsure of the whole college route.


Classmates are sometimes obnoxious and immature to be college students.


My classmates are an eclectic mix that stretches from dual enrolled high school students all the way to adults who have had their masters degree for years and decided to change their career. They can be loud and obnoxious or suprisingly studious and insightful. Either way, I'm going to miss them when I graduate.


My classmates include a variety of people ranging from all ages and all different ethnicities which provide for a very good learning community.


my classmates are focused and determined they are the ones that keep me on track and going. Im not sure what i would do without them.


My classmates, for he most part, are individuals who are determied to get their education and continue on from community college to a four year university.


This semester, I opted for online classes to better fit my hectic schedule. So far, everyone has shown their common interest in school and willingness to learn by interacting in Valencia's virtual school. We are all trying to achieve the same goal: success; and it shows in the way the students participate in class. Online or on-campus, my classmates are always exchanging ideas, goals and pieces of wisdom in a combined hope to make it in the workforce.


The majority of my peers are independent students who juggle several different responsibilities along with their academics.


My classmates are very infiltrated. They are all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Their ages range from 17 (dual enrollment) to as old as 30 years old. There are men and women. But the best thing about them is not their physical appearances, but their personalities. My classmates have very joyful sense of humors, we all can joke about an incident the teacher caused and still make sense of the day's lesson. My classmates are what keep the classroom feeling at ease, and most of all very comfortable.


My classmates are willing to succeed in class and ask many question to understand the topic.


My classmates are helpful, and easy to be around, and easy to get to know, since there aren't too many people in each class.


My classmates are very helpful. They would always plan a study session before a test, and we would exchange emails to help keep each other posted if one of us are not in class. They are from all different age range, but they are very nice and caring toward everyone. I love them.


My classmates are a melting pot of racial, ethnic, and age. It makes for a great learning environment. You often get first hand knowledge of places you are studying from your classmates. It also exposes you to cultures most students may never experience. As for the age differences, I think that is remarkable. I am 40 years old and I an attending classes with students as young as 17 and as old as 58. It is amazing to witness how much age affects our perspective of different issues.


My classmates are all unique, and talented individuals, one sentence can not sum them all up.


My classmates are hard workers.


To be asked to describe my classmates in one sentence I would say that they are all very diversed, some are Hispanics, Indians, Polish, Italian, Caucasian, Asian, so many different cultures mixed up in one melting pot.


Classmates for the most part are very friendly everyone participates and gives input in any subject and they are very helpful if you are struggling with soemthing they would deffinetly lend a hand.


In most of my classes alot of the students keep to themselves, there are a few classes were we all get along and joke around though.


My classmates consist of a diverse selection of student working towards transfering into a state university. I have classmates from all ethnic back grounds and all walks of life. All of my classmates work with mind set of nothing comes easy and with a little hard work the sky is the limit.


My classmates are diverse, creative, hard-working, and great learners.


My classmates are education driven and ambitious individuals that are filled with dedication into school.


The majority of my classmates are hispanic.


My classmates include the following: students who did not get accepted into a university, students who could not afford to attend a university, students who like smaller class sizes, students who thought it would be better for them to start at a community college, students who only need an A.S. degree, students who weren't sure of what they wanted to major in.


Most of my classmates are highly into what the professor is teaching and is willing to go the extra mile to succeed.They are also very helpful to others when someone doesnt understand something or needs a little extra help after class they are there to help that person out.My group of classmates and very close friends and we keep in touch and make sure everyone is on track as well.


There are a bunch of really smart, friendly and companionable students in all of my classes.


Most of my classmates take their schoolwork seriously and expected to succeed. All of the professors in VCC give each student an oppotunity to succeed, and each student is aware of that. Most of my classmates are working either part-time or full-time and are attending school either part-time or full-time. Because many of my classmates work as they attend college, it shows how hard VCC students work towards obtaining their Associate degrees.


My classmates are ready or prepared to learn new things in our classroom. All of us are hardworking aiming to get a good grade in class. Succession to pass our classes is a good key to know that we would leave our professor with a smile on his or her face and to be proud on students that are progressing well in class. Aiming higher to reach our purpose in life just to graduate from college and have a successful career is a dream come true. My classmates are also friendly, nice, and studious.


Fortunately this fall semester I happen to have great classmates that I can count on if one day I would miss class; especially in my physics and calculus class , we study in groups and they are all great people.