Valencia College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking for a terrific, smaller school experience should attend Valencia College. The class sizes are small so you don't feel like just a number, or a face in the crowd. The professors genuinely care about their students, and are invested in their futures. There are a great variety of students in each class, from students right out of high school, to older students who are coming back to the classroom for the first time in a while. There are always activites and events happening on the beautiful campus.


Well, I would say that any person attending college or looking to attend college; needs to be a focused, self-reslized, and motivated person.


If you have goals, attend this school. If you are unsure of your major or acedemic track, attend this school. If you didn't do amazing in high school but aren't ready to give up, attend this school. If you want to have a brighter future and improve the quality of your life, attend this school. That's all there is to it.


In nature, i understand how this question could seem totally harmless, however, if we take a closer look we can deconstruct its innocence. Obviously educational institutions prefer to have structured, well-behaved, forward thinkers as students in lieu of burnouts, dead-weights, and bums. With that said, allow me to clarify that ANY individual with the drive to educate themselves should be allowed to attend an educational institution, and said individuals should never be made to feel that only a certain type of person "should" attend. There is no "kind" of person who "should" attend any educational institution--Period.


One thing i like is that there isnt a certain type of person that should be attending this school, anyone would fit in.


Valencia Community College is best suited for fresh new college students that would like to enjoy a smaller class size and save money. It is cheap and afforable for anyone and have many options in class that fit for everyone.


people who want to save money and want smaller classes


There isn't anyone who wouldn't be a good fit for Valencia. They offer a wide variety of programs for a community college, and for first-time college students the atmosphere really eases the shock that is often felt during this time in a person's life. I would be surprised if anyone had trouble fitting in or adjusting to Valencia when they would be surrounded by people just like them. Personally I have bigger plans than community college, but that's just it-those who want to leave can, and those who don't get what they need.


I believe any person can attend this school. As long as you have good grades and pass the CPT you should be set. You just want to have the desire to learn and to exceed in life. College is able choices it's your decisions that make the path for your future career. You have to want to excel in order to get what you want in life. Actions speak louder than words so you have to strive for your goals.


Someone who enjoys teacher-student interaction, small classes, and many opportunities.


I have seen all kinds of different students attend this school. Every race, religion,sex, academic intellect level, and althalete can attend this school. The classes are about the same level of work load as all the colleges, however the classes are much more affordable compared to them.


A very determined student who hopes in getting an education and a successful carrer should attend school. If you choose not to attend you will most likely struggle financially and it is not always easy.


A person seeking an education.


everyone should attend this school. it fits anyone with any personality. if you just looking a way to save some money my school is the best place because the same require basic courses you need to take in your first two years at a university you can take it at my school.


I believe that any person of any background or religion can and should attend this school. This is an awesome place to get your education at and it has some wonderful people as well. If a person has been out of school for a while and decides to go back, this is a good place to do that at. I would recommend Valencia to anyone.


A graduating senior is a great candidate for Valencia. Someone who works a lot, or at home moms, I would recommend this school to anyone. The classes are smaller, allowing you to get to know your professor and the tuition is cheaper than that of a university.


Anyone can attend Valencia. Anyone looking for great potential and a great atmosphere should attend Valencia.


Anyone can attend this school reguardless of race as long as the individual is determined to recieve a education for his or her self.


Someone who is looking to say a few extra dollars in their first two years of undergraduate studies.


In my opinion any. The school is very considerable to all students situations. YOU select the days and times that you attend class. So whether you work during the day or at night, or have other personal activities to tend to, no problem its all up to you when you attend class. So your busy schedule never clashes.


Although there is a large campus, the classroom setting is small and intimate, so if u feel that u need smaller classrooms, or one on one time with teachers, this campus is for you, my teachers knew my name for the second class session. If you like a fast pace school, where everyone is excited to learn and meet new people, you should attend this school.


Someone who is looking for a very flexible schedule and who prefers not to go away to school.


This kind of person that should attend Valencia is a person who is hardworking and driven to complete school. A person who has goals for their future and wants to complete them in hopefully a short amount of time. If you attend my school you have to be dedicated to your studies and be willing to do whatever it takes to pass your classes.


The type of person that should attend this school must be focused. They have to have the drive to pursue further education and the determination to graduate. This kind of person has to be willing to go the distance, as well as ambitious. When problems occur, this kind of person has to know not to give up but to keep trying until they solve it. This kind of person must have a positive attitude and works well with others, as well as be punctual so they attend class on time every time.


Any one that is serious about a education.