Valencia College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to high school I would of told my younger self to take the AP exams more seriously, so that when I got to college I wouldn't have to retake the same classes. I would also tell myself to just tell that cute kid in my english class I liked him because whether or not he liked me back I don't have to see him everyday so whats the harm? Finally I would of told myself to come up with a better funnier senior quote. A quote so legendary that they might even make a meme out of it.


If I could go back in time and eplain to myself one thing, it would be that school should be your main focus. Between work and school I am out 80 hours a week. Instead of stressing about both, take the time to focus on school and enjoy the time to learn instead of trying to grow up to fast. Take on chunks of resposibility at a time. Learn as you go.


If I could go back in time to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself "You are not prepared". The transition itself is not going to be that hard. You choose your own schedule, but that is what gets you in trouble. At first you do not discipline yourself to go to class and complete homework. You struggle with your classes; not becuase you are not smart enough, but becuase you do not study like you should. You assume that it is going to be an easy ride and completing homework and going to class is going to be enough. But you are wrong. College life is fun, but you need to know how to balance life, school, and work. Taking a full course load isn't going to be easy, but you CAN do it. You are tough and you can do anything you put your mind to. Don't ever loose sight of your dreams. College is the best time of your life, enjoy it. But don't put fun before academics; that's what is going to get you far in life. Trust me, I've already been there.


Make some real friends and don't wast time with people who bring you down. Really work hard at school and don't slack off at all in high school. Have fun and make memories.


You lonely, lonely, girl with a chest full of hopes, don't be so afraid of falling. Take your hands and your body and remember- you are enough; you are here. This is now. Read The Catcher in the Rye. You are not Holden. Don't try to be. Tell mother you love her. And when you start college, jump with both feet in and listen for the thump once your sneakers hit the concrete. That sound, it's proof. This is real and you are real. You will make it, I promise. Try, like you've always tried- fully and hard. But don't swear it's over everytime there's a struggle; everytime you feel yourself slipping; everytime there's a concept you can't grasp as much as you can grasp a pencil and your journal. Don't stop writing. Love yourself, baby. Don't go hungry. Love yourself hard and deep and fully. That's the only love you really need right now.


Going back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior would definitely save me a lot of stress and confusion however I would not want to give myself advice. College is about the experience and the work you put into your career. Going to college helps shape the path you will take towards your future. The only advice I would want to tell myself is that where you go to school is not as important as it has been made out to be, it is about the efforts you put towards your degree that will matter in the end.


When growing up, young individuals like myself did not see the wonderful impact of education, and how privileged a child like myself was, to receive the education that I did. I think it took me realize being on my own was not all it added up to be. I really miss the many days of studying and learning huge objectives of a vast variety of subjects. No one ever told me that working took so much energy out of a persons' soul. I began to see how learning could be in fact, fun, and less stressful than work. Education is not only the key to a career, but, it is indeed the key to our souls. Learning brings back the life in me, for some odd reason. I enjoy finding out new things and informing others' about the things that I've have learned, as well. I guess what I am trying to say is: don't let anyone take advantage of your opportunity. Endure in the many endeavours life offers you, and never give up. A job is okay, but get an education so that life can be better.


Life is a very bumpy ride so don't forget to brace yourself and prepare for the worst. Many friends will come but the few important ones will never go from your side so choose them wisely. Don't sleep around too much or else your heart will become hallow and love will never seem as beautiful anymore. Always stare at the stars so you can be reminded that everything is not about you, but about everything and everyone else trying to make a lasting mark on the universe. Laugh more so you can cry less about usless things. Be more brave when using those vibrant colors on your final piece, trust me, the bolder the better. Don't be afraid to expose emotions through your work because if you keep them hidden forever, no one will understand why you created works with such plain theme. Don't get into porn, it will waste your time and your imagination will become limited. Make sure you play the guitar everyday because doors will open up to you and true friends will come to hear your words of emotion. For final thought, don't worry about the future, it eventually comes tommorrow.


Despite the things you are not able to do, focus on what you will be able to do. Study hard in order to get the highest grades and you will practically have colleges contacting you. Also, aim to pass your college diagnostics exams because they are extremely important. Take heed to all of the resources available to you and take full advantage of them. You will overcome things that may seem impossible right now. Enjoy high school and don’t graduate with regrets. Make sure that you put forth every potential that you possess. Most importantly, for every plan that you make, have a backup plan. Explore your various options because there is more than one way to obtain a goal so ensure that you know all the routes.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is going to be hard but to stick with it because it will be worth it in the long run. I would tell myself to research more about what career field I want to go into so that I do not waste any time. I would also tell myself to apply for a lot of scholarships early so that way if and when I come into financial need, I am ready and prepared for it. Most importantly, I would tell myself to enjoy college and really get the true college experience.


Dear Abby, Before you begin reading this letter, I need you to sit down, go get a warm cup of tea and a blanket, and think happy thoughts. Ready? Ok. Life is about to get ridiculously hard. Harder than you can ever imagine, and there's nothing you can do to change it. People are going to try and tell you what you should be doing with your life, where you should go, how you should do it, and a million other things. And they're all going to claim to know what's best for you. The thing is, you are the only one who knows exactly what you need. You will need to remember to take care of yourself in the midst of trails. Don't worry about what others say. You figure it out, and you end up just fine. You'll go to college when you are ready. Don't feel pressure to do things just because others say you should. This includes when you should go to college. Take the time to figure out who you are. Once you know that, everything else will not seem as impossible.


The main piece of advice I would give myself is that time mangement is everything in college. As a senior, it was very easy for me to wait until the last moment to do work. I knew I was capable of getting "A" quality work done at the last minute. However when transitioning to college, I quickly found out that keeping this state of mind would end my journey before it even began. Another piece of advice I would give myself is that no matter what, you need balance and fluidity to survive. Just going with the flow does not work in college, but neither does constantly planning ahead. You need the ability to be fluid in your everyday life in order to make it through semesters. Not balancing social life and school equally can either destroy you or turn you into a hermit. You must be able to balance the two to navigate college life.


If i could go back in timw to tell my high school self what to do I would tell him. That he should have prepared better and studied harder in school so I wouldnt be so far behind. I would also tell myself that I should have taken classes based on my major now I should have made better descions that would have helped me in my current state.


Apply for scholarships way in advance, Student Loans are not something you want to get tangled up with. Find the school that's right for you, not the one that all of your friends are going to. The college for you is in Florida, not Georgia. Take the time to research University of Central Florida and Valencia College before anywhere else.


Kaylee, follow your passion. Go in the direction which God is calling you to go in and don't let outside opinions sway your decision making. Get online and scholarship search until your fingers fall off because you don't have much help and you need all of the help you can get. Please don't get yourself into debt so soon, it's going to create so much more stress on yourself. Also, don't be envious of people that get a little extra help from the government, they need it. Don't be so nonchalant about college. Your education is important and although you don't care about the "prestigious" title that certain colleges may give you, you can at least appreciate the people who do care. Meet new people, people that are different from yourself. It's exciting and challenging and you will gain so many life lessons from people. Good luck, Kaylee. I hope you find what you're looking for.


Even though I love college my kid days are over and things are a little rougher now. However if I could go back and give the senior me advice, I would tell myself to apply to all the scholarships possible, get a job, study harder, and most important of it all not to be afraid. I feel that the biggest obstacle for me when I was a senior in high school was fear. Fear of the what if’s that at the end of the year I never let happened. Fear of not getting a scholarship or if I got a job I wouldn’t give all my focus to school work. Fear of mostly the unknown because I never gave it a chance. Now that I’m in college I know I can do it. I would give myself one last and very specific advice, to not depend much on the one scholarship I worked very hard for. It wasn’t given to me and therefore made things much more complicated. Having a job during high school would have helped a lot with the expenses of helping to pay books, gas, food, car and the list goes on.


Work hard, it's really cliche to say, but work hard. Study for all your classes and actually put an effort because your work counts so much later on. Study for all your AP and IB exams, study hard, because passing the exams will help you so much.


The first thing I would tell myself is, “Congratulations! You are going to graduate high school. The next step is college and it only gets harder, prepare yourself. College is filled with new experiences and a new found freedom, but don’t get distracted! The goal is your degree in electrical engineering. For example, math has always been your favorite subject, but that will all change, it will become a raging bull that if you don’t control… it will knock you down so hard you will be left confused. I say this because college was going great, until I took calculus two. If you don’t study like you have never studied before it will crumble you and make you wish to change your major. I failed calculus two and I don’t want you going through the same thing, your mother will tell you that you have to go on the computer and look for scholarships, one scholarship will tell you to write about what you would tell your past self and I don’t want you to go through that. Study hard and don’t be a procrastinator.’’ That’s what I would tell my senior self.


Why aren't you applying yfor scholarships? Why aren't you applying for more schools? You are smarter than you think and every little bit helps. Don't take light of this new situation and apply yourself more. Push yourself to reach further heights than you ever thought imaginable. It may sound cheesy but "you never know what you're capable of untill you try." Besides preparing yourself for college now and taking it more seriously will be the best thing you could do for your future. It'll help you reach your career goal therefor helping you live a jubilant life. You will have an exceeding amount of self-confidence due to the fact that you accomplished more than you believed you could. Since you applied to more colleges you found out that you could get into a four-year university, since you applied for tons of scholarships you can pay for it too. My advice to my high school senior self is to believe in my self and to push myself to do greater. I'll be surprised by the results and in the end it will pay off more than i could ever know.


Jeremy, when you attend college you will be tempted with new freedoms and a new social atmosphere that you are unfamiliar with. It is very easy to get distracted from the reason you are actually going to college. Do your best to keep your studies your number one priority. Study first and if you have free time after that, then go experience the college social life. The switch from high school to college is definitely a game changer. Nobody is going to hold your hand through your classes and make sure that you are attending or turning in your assignments. It is up to you to succeed. Good luck!


Just keep studying


Everyone needs to know that most people you meet in life are not there to be a real friend. People will take advantage of nice generous people. There are people out there that are only concerned about themselves, that will you use you. I would say get anyone suspicious of that out of your life immediately.


The absolute first thing I would have to say to my High school self would have to be: Do not take the financial aid for Granted! That by far was the biggest mistake made during my college career. It was taken for granted in the form of me simply not having the aim, energy, and effort it requires excelling in college; subsequently so... What basically was a scholarship in the form of Pell grants was squandered. Me, being 24 years of age now, finally having come to realize the whole of my potential, finally having realized the talent I possess, and being finally ready to maximize it, I would have most assuredly been shooting for the stars. The best part about this realization though; I would have to is... I Now realize it's not too late! I would tell myself to go for it all; and to make sure that I enjoyed myself the whole way. I would tell myself to simply seize the day, and that whatever your hands find to do, do it with all of your heart. Well, I've decided that I'm just going to take my own advice.


Hey Casey! You have an amazing opportunity to go to college right now so don't screw it up! *Slaps high school Casey* Stay away from the crowd you currently hang around with, they are bad news and distract you from what you are truely capable of. I highly advise that you go to the dorms and do not get an apartment with your two friends. It does not end well. If you don't listen to me you will run into trouble and will spend the next six years learning some very tough lessons only to land back at square one. Except square one this time is much more difficult and stressful. Just giving you the reality of the situation. You will not have the scholarships or the money you have now to go to school. You literally have to give up everything you have and be completely unsure of how it will all turn out just to go back becuase the mediocre life you will have is unbearable. Please listen to my words and focus on the long term instead of the fun "party" life right now. Busting your butt for pennies isn't worth it. Trust me.


I would tell myself: You think high school is hard, then wait until you go to college. No matter where you go, it will be hard. If you work hard and do what you need to do, then it could be one of the most rewarding times in your life. Valencia College is one of the best ways to do just that. They have great teachers, smaller classes, and many people around to help you with all your needs. Valencia has been one of the best schools we have been to our whole life. So trust yourself when I tell you to go to Valencia College. You will not only be a good student but you start to believe in yourself for the first time in our life. Valencia has a big part in that with their whole staff telling us yes you can. Jump for the moon, even if you land short you land among the stars, from our first day of college and it is coming true right in front of our eyes.


If I could go back into time, I would have asked myself if I was truly ready for school at the university level in michigan. I did not have strong study skills, compared with high school where you could study to pass the test, this is knowledge and critical thinking. I lacked those skills and wish I would have started small before going to a bigger univeristy and I could have avoided a lot of student loan debt and avoided wasted time and money. I would have avoided being in my present situation working a low paying job and being stuck living with family. I wish I would have originally pursued respiratory care when I was in high school. I would have been in a better position financially and academically would have been further then where I am now.


I went a very untraditional route. I was a sophomore in college my senior year of high school, so transitioning was nothing for me but less classes. I was dual enrolled for 2 years, and Valencia College is not a traditional college, therefore people don't really get a campus life here. I am attending a 4 year school in the fall, Rollins College, and it will be a change for me as I have been at Valencia for 3 years. However, my advice to my former self about college is: do not plan everything too stringently. It used to be that I had almost zero tolerance for fluctuation in said plan. I had a set school I wanted and a set plan and it drove up my anxiety as well as set me up for disappointment. I would say: Do not close off doors that could have opened for you if you had been more flexible but not set your future in stone. Now, I can be open to any opportunity even if that means it doesn’t follow my original plan, and it works better than my previous plan.


The advice that I would give myself is don't let yourself become too stressed out. I would also tell myself that everything is going to turn out alright. Another piece of advice that I would give myself is to always be prepared and have a plan and a back up plan. Because you never know what will happen. I would also tell myself that real life starts after you graduate from high school. Life isn't all about fun and games anymore. I would also tell myself that isn't good to put things off until the last minute. You don't know what emergency can occur at the worse possible moment. I would also tell myself is that high school and college are two different things.


I would tell myself to work much harder in my AP classes. Ask more questions of my teachers and find ways to practiced the things I was being taught especially in Government and Economics. Doing so would help knock out a lot of credits I need for my AA and AS. I would probably lie to myself about my AP Bio score just slightly so my high school self will push herself even further to pass the test. I passed, but if I had pushed, I might've had a high enough score to get the credit for school and move on to the next level of classes instead of having to retake Biology again. I would tell myself also to treasure every moment I had left in school for nothing will be the same once I graduate. I would tell myself to put more time into being Assistant Stage Manager for the fall play than I had because that experience would be all the more fulfilling if I had. I would also give my high school self photo advice for the photography class I took senior year so I could take better pictures for my portfulio.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself; "It is OK to be ambitious, even at such a young age, you are not weird. All of the work and dedication you have poured into pursuing your dreams will be worth-while. Know that there is a vast difference between striving for excellence and chasing perfection, perfection is impossible to achieve. You should not fear your greatness, nor should you diminish your own radiance to make others feel better about themselves; let your illumination spread. Above everything else, remember, YOU are enough."


College is not as complicated as it seems and as long as you take advantage of your resources, you will excel and transitioning to college life will be a breeze. You are going to learn the value of not only an education but of hardwork and of making friends. This will not come without frustrations but your best bet is never to worry, it simply will not help in your times of need. It's important for you to remember that you are not your GPA. You can't be summed up into a number. You are your ambitions, your passions, skills and so much more. It may not seem like it right now, but eventually you'll see that the only way to improve the quality of your life is through an education. Don't be scared if you don't immediately get the things that you want, everything happens for a reason. As time goes by, you will change for the better even when you can't see the good in a situation. Never be afraid to ask for help, it will only humble you in the long run. Your education is what you make of it.


As a senior, I knew it all, but doesn't every kid leaving high school? At least that is what we believe then. I would tell myself to go straight to a university, instead of a community college. Though, I am still getting by, and have more then the dedication and drive to make it to the end. I feel I could have shaved about 2 years off my schooling if I would have went staight to a university. As a freshmen in college, I was home, with all my local friends, and all the distractions in the world holding me back. I would have told myself to stay focused, work little and study more. That it may seem scary now, but roughing it today, will mean winning tomorrow. It took me a long time to understand that, but once I did, the rest has been smooth sailing, well as smooth as it can be. To wrap it up; younger me, you are doing great, but there is always an opportunity to do better, dont settle for mediocre.


To make sure you study hard, go through the books and put in the hours for the exams. Talk to the teachers, let them know yoy are intereted, they really help those who show a sincere interest in the subject. Socialize and use the people network.


The advice I would give to incoming students is to not worry about the "prestige of the school" you end up going to as much as I worried. Any person who is selling you on a school has something they have to gain from you going there. Go to the school that you feel has the right options for you and pursue the degree you want. School is a lot of work and if you pursue a degree to please someone else it will be very long and not fun. At the end of the day, it matters not the name of your school nor the degree that you pursue, it is that you completed a degree with success and had fun along the way.


I would have not gotten a girlfriend and started a family. I was 19 back in 1997 when I started going to Valencia. I had just become a father (not on purpose). I couldn't stay in school but I tried again in 2001. Again, I was unable to stay in school because of 911. Now this is my third time and I am very determined to complete my education. Even tho my wife/mother of my two children died July 27th 2013 I won't stop in trying to achieve my goal. I am not only doing this for me but for my two boys and their mother.


If I was able to go back in time to talk to my high school senior self, I would tell him to stay focus in class and create good study habits and teach yourself to be discipline. I will also tell him to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd and be yourself and don't let peers influence you to do things that you wouldn't normally do. I will also tell him to take all of his school work seriously.


Do not burden yourself by trying to grow up to quickly. Stay at home if at all possible. Cut corners, when it comes to being more cost effective. Try renting rather than buying your textbooks for class, as well as selling them back when your done. Always use rate my to help pick your classes. Having a more interesting and fascinating teacher, helps the learning process as well as making your time in class much more barable. When life becomes too much, always talk to someone. More or less it would be a guidance couselor. Try to avoid takeing out student loans. However, use them when work begins to interfere with your school schedule.


I would say that college life is something awesome because the college help you to grow as person and become a better human. The transition is part to grow and become a professional.


My advice to my high school self would be to not leave home. Remember that college is not a party, but an opportunity to better yourself. Once you start make sure to apply yourself. It is much harder to go back to college after leaving. Attend a local college first to at least complete general education requirements and save on money. Don't be in a hurry to jump into a major. It is okay to not be sure what you want to do right away. Eventually it will become clear. Be involved with groups on campus. This networking in college can help you in you're career later on when you have contacts with similar interests that are in you're field.


To my ambitious, impatient high-school self; focus on saving literally as much money as humanly possible in the weeks before you move away, and then some. Moving will cripple your savings account faster than your grandmother consumes coffee--and you know what I'm talking about, especially the way you burn through currency like an adult male at the peak of his mid-life crisis. Remember not to lose sight of your loved one's--I know you're stoked to leave that town in your rear-view mirror, but don't let the anticipation of everything blind you. Read every single day, when possible--Stimulate your mind with productive, progressive material. Spend significantly less time with all forms of technology, for your sake. You'll fiure out why eventually. Go outside whenever possible and always remember that no force in this world can dictate who you're going to be, society included. Also, don't forget to spend some time applying for scholarships before classes start in the fall- You'wont have to worry about it during winter break of your freshman year. Everything about who you are is going to change soon. It's time to prepare.


hello my name is mindre I am being honest with myself now that I'm in college I know now that college is harder than high school. when I was in high school I never imagined that college was so difficult but in the years that I was in high school I never give up in any situation. the advice that I give to myself is that never give up and if I fall forward get up and keep going for what I want in my life. high school for me was a great experience because my teacher taught me and prepared me giving advice how college life look like .


I would definitely plan for college earlier on. I would have applied for scholarships earlier and prepared myself more.


As a high school senior, I was not prepared for college like many of my friends were. I have always been very mature but I was not prepared to put in the work that college required. My advice that I would have given was to start off college slowly and talk to my advisors as often as I could so that I could stay on track and ease into the college life. I now feel very productive and active in my school life but it has taken me longer to get to this point than I would have anticipated.


I would have told myself to study harder. i did do very well in my classes but i could have done better. Secondly i would have not waited from when i graduated a while until i retured back to school. Because i waited, it used up alot of my time that I could have used going to school. Lastly, i would say to really stay focused on school and apply yourself to the best that you can.


Sharlene I will tell you that it is 2007, and you should be sure in what you are planning to study. Changing your major during college will only cause you a waste of money and a waste of time. Please choose a school and a major where best meet your abilities and skills. A college or university, where you are going to be able to finish your bachelors, where is accredited, and where you will get the best knowledge to become a professional. Remember to apply for scholarships, because studying full time and working full time is going to be too much for you. Do not kill yourself trying to be superwoman. Focus on your studies, ask questions if you do not understand something, use the library, make study groups, and be part of your college. Once you are done with school, you will be happy, you will be employee, and you will appreciate your school years. In this way you can advise other future students and help people choosing their best career.


I would tell myself to enjoy the small things that I did not take the time to admire when I was in high school. For example, I would want to spend more time with my family because I did not realize how much time I would be spending at work and school after I graduated. I would like to tell myself to preserve more memories with my friends. I was naive and did not realize just how fast I would drift apart from most of them when I made it to the real world. I wish that I could give myself advice about how to handle the stress of the transition and the amount of hard work that it has taken to achieve a 4.0 GPA. I would have needed some insight about all of the different experiences I have been through due to being a special education major. I was not fully prepared the first time I was in a classroom assisting a teacher and did not know how to handle certain situations. Overall I believe I would want myself to remember to be strong, brave, and determined and I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.


Dear Lauren, college is a lot more serious than you thought in highschool. You should have paid more attention to school and taken more advanced classes because you would have had a better gpa. All those test that you did barely average, you should have studied for. Studying is beneficial towards yourself in the long run because now im having a hard time concentrating and finding a good way to study. Also, remeber all the money you spent on shopping and other pointless things? If I would have had money saved up when I moved up here, I would have a lot less stress in my life. I'm constantly worried that I dont have enough money to pay my rent, buy my textbooks or other important things. I now have to find another job, so i might be working two jobs in order to have enough money to support myself. The transition is a little shocking at first because you realize how alone and independant you immediately become. Riding the bus around waste so much extra time so please get your license! The money you could have been saving from shopping could have gone towards a new car!


Always make sure you know what you need to know, and be prepared to sign up for scholarships and classes the moment you can. Don't let anything get in the way of your dreams, and remember that you can get through anything you set your mind to. If you want to get through college and get a degree, you can! You need to always make sure you can succeed in your classes, so don't overload yourself. Likewise, don't underestimate yourself, or you'll never get anything done. Do the best you can, because it's the best you can do, and your best will get you far.


Going back I would tell myself one simple word, Independance. Every highschool student seems to yearn this independance and they all say they cannot wait for the day to be free from their parents. Having gone now off to college i now know this isn't such a great thing. There are times of depression and homesickness. I would tell myself to enjoy the compnay of my parents as well as my siblings. To enjoy all the home coooked meals as well as the all the affection that my parents gave. It is part of life to leave home and become independant, but it literally happens from one day to the next.


if i could go back and tell myself what i know now i would have defiantly applied for more scholarships. This is a major thing because college is not only very stressfull its expensive struggling just to pay rent and focus on school.