Victor Valley College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are the kind of people who study hard during school and off school and yet still have the time to play hard as well. They are motivated students in my college to succeed in their career choice. Each classmate inspires each other to do their best in the classes to exceed in their academics and as well as to work ethicly in the college to finish any and all class work. My classmates have been studying their interest/love/passion in their career choice to finish their academics and achieve their dreams.


In the science classes, the students are the most friendly and helpful because they know how tough it is to have a science major and want to make friends to study with.


My classmates at Victor Valley College all differed in their backgrounds and helped to increase interest in class discussion.


Class mates are very respectful and focused, it is interesting being in a class with varied age groups.