Victor Valley College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for our plays and avaiable online classes.


Victor Valley College is known for allowing students a chance to allow for the transfer to a post secondary college of higher education and to also acheive allow for students to obtain their Associates Degree. My college is also known for their affordable finacial flexibility. This will help me greatly, as it will for countless other students, in enabling us to afford a higher education through college and as well as allowing for us to decide whether to advance that education even further by attending a post secondary college through the transfer option.


The best of this school is the tutoring , which good for adults just case If they get stuck in a subject. The tutoring its for free. Some of the teachers are very strict , which its good because they are preparing you for the real life. This school has places to relax like siting on the benches , they have ducks and a swamp. Just in case you need to focus more , there two story library it close to the cafeteria. They also have a center where you go work on your homework. They have technology bulding which it only includes computers.


My school is best known for its nursing program. The program is extensive and challenges students to be the best.


training in truck driving


My school is best known for helping our community and academic excellance.


im not sure this is my first year.But i would guess the beautiful campus