Victor Valley College Top Questions

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I didn't consider any other schools. I wanted to go to community college first because I knew it was cheaper. I had a plan and I went with it.


Victor Valley Community College allows nuerological experiments, statist brainwashing, and invasions of privacy. The campus is a center of government mind control experiments, pig entrapment schemes, and more. I highly suggest any free, individual minded person avoid allowing these socialists to rampage through your private thoughts and personal life.


it is a very calming campus...the school is surronding by a lake that have it's peace...youcan just sit in the grass and study...all the staff is there to assit you with whatever you need..the teachers are really dedicated to their students by having office hours and staying after classes to assit those students that may need extra help or have questions.


Victor Valley College is closer to my home than any other college, and I save a lot of money on gas, than if I would attend another college.


The fact that it is local and one of the cheaper community colleges. it offers many AA degrees and there is a future!!


A lot more classes to choose from.