Victor Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is a self-motivated person. This is a pretty good school and you can earn degrees easily with a little work.


Anyone wanting to get their lower division classes done for less money, before going to a major university. People wanting occupational certificated for a fast education.


A person should attend VVC if they are looking for a way to begin their college career and are nervous because the classrooms have a low number of students and the interaction with the prossessor doesn't have to be limited to a scheduled appointment.


Victor Valley College is just for every one who want to better their education. Its for the young people right out of high schoolwh o want to better them selves in education. The people who can't afford the a university, but still want to go for their dream of being a business major. Then the people who want to turn their life around like an x-con. The school is for anybody even the people who want to come back to school for work, or just to get a head in life. Victor Valley College is just for everybody.


Ambitious, motivated people do best in school. One doesn't need to know exactly what to do with a degree when entering school, but must have endurance and self discipline.


A person who is eager to learn and willing to take the necessary steps to enrich their education and life is the type of person who would do great at this school. The atmosphere is not only friendly but makes everyone feel comfortable and supported.