Victor Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not hard working, focused and actually very serious about your education, please dont come here. VVC is a great school and all of my professors have been amazing. If you are not serious about your education, do everyone that is here to actually learn and get their degrees a favor, and don't bother signing up for VVC. I know that sounds harsh, but everyone here is on their own personal time, and by not being serious, you waste it.


Procrastinators should not attend this school. I found that class clowns distract the focus of the teachers in some cases as well.


This school is in the desert, if you like the city, this school is not for you.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone that doesnt want to learn. The majority of the professors that I have had have been very helpful and have wanted to help the students learn. This school would not benefit someone with no desire to learn or ambition.


some one that need training and can find enployment in this type of work.


I feel that everyone should attend this school, work is work and if a person wants to succeed one should try hard in life and build a future for themselves and get on their feet.


I think that a person that likes big city type schools, with big populations wouldnt enoy this school as much.


Overall I think this is a good school although people who are very impatient and don't like when departments are disorganized might be very bothered by the way this school is ran. The financial aid department is the worst. This department is very disorganized and always so backed up.


I think that anyone who does not want an education should not attend this school.