Victor Valley College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Time management is the key to success. Community college is just like high school, with better times and more control in your own hands. If you do not manage the time well enough, though, you will fail. Do not, under any cercumstances, take a class that you know you are not good at to begin with in a shortened term. You are not good at history. Do not take it during winter or summer ever, EVER, again. Other than that, stay the course. It's only a few years and then you get to start your career. Keep pushing, manage your time and know your limits.


Dear past self, You are about to make one of the biggest decisions of your life and that does not just include comfort and school opportunities, this decision also includes finances. You will want to choose a school that costs a lot of money because it offers sparkly opportunities. However, you will not be able to afford your expensive taste in schools after only one year. This is going to be devastating, you will be forced to go to the local community college where you will feel stuck because of the lack of option and opportunity. But it does not have to end like this – you can go to a more affordable school – you will not be limited because of this choice. I know that what your thinking is you won’t be able to grow because you want to choose a school that is common and that doesn’t offer all the opportunities you want, but you do not know everything, including this. Don’t be jaded by people’s opinions around you, those people do not get to tell you who you are because you are capable of amazing things even at an affordable college.


Claudia, I would like to tell you how hard on your family going to school has been for them. They are happy to help when they can but going to school and missing activities has made you lose out on some great moments. Your daughters are proud of what you are doing, however, they wished that you had done it when you were younger. Do not start working and think that you will go next semester because it will not happen. You once felt that you couldn't do it, the college thing, and now you know that you live for the next score on a test. You can do this! College is one of a handful of life acheivements that can make a difference in your life like a great job and a real vacation for your daughters. Don't give up on your dream no matter what other people tell you. School is hard but the reward is greater and you will look back and see that you have come a long way for yourself and for your daughters. You will not regret the reward for all your sacrifices and all your hard work. You can do it!


Going back to the past with the knowledge that I have obtained in the past year and a half at Victor Valley College, there is many things that I did not know about the social, educational, and professional environment that colleges had to offer. The ability to keep an open mind about others' views and their preferences throughout their lives will not only benefit the tolerance that you can sustain, but also the relations that can be built based soley on this. Becoming involved around campus will allow you to network with like-minded individuals while providing stepping stones to the career path of your choice. Applying yourself will benefit you in the future and create everlasting friendships throughout your life.


I would tell myself to start saving money. College is expensive, but it is worth it. I was already a pretty motivated person who wanted to go to college, but I didn't realize how diffrent it is from highschool. I would tell myself to continue being motivated and to keep practicing my art skills. College is very important but I should always remember that it isn't all about getting the work done. Sometimes getting good grades and working hard feels even better after you celebrate with friends. I would remind myself that with a little hard work I can accomplish a lot. Nothing is easy, and it won't be for a while,


I would advise and tell myself to have had studied harder back in my high school years to excel more in my classes and to have started studying my college class academics to prepare myself in the field of my interest. I would've started my FAFSA earleir in time to communicate with my college counselor to see how much my financial cost would be for my courses offered in college. Also I would've advised myself to take advanced courses and as well as to continue my other studies in the field I have chosen in my high school years. I would've also practicde some of my career interest classes to know how to prepare myself for all the requirements in my courses to achieve in my academics skills necessary. I would tell my high school senior self to continue to go to Victor Valley College as well to look into the requirments for my second career option to learn how to exceed/achieve my goal to acheive my necessary degrees. I would have advised to look into Victor Valley College courses to learn the classes and research on them so as to be better prepared for college.


Care more about school! High school isn't the same as college, and you need to be better prepared. You need to develop better study skills. You should be more outgoing and make friends with a similar major so that school will be easier and more enjoyable to go to everyday. It can be an enjoyable experience if you take it seriously. You need to care more about staying on top of work that you did in high school. If you want to follow your dreams in Marine Biology, you have to take all of your college classes seriously. I didn't really care as much as I do now until my 2nd year of college. The first year would have been a lot easier if I knew what I know now.


If i could go back to High school i would do a lot of things over. I would have studied a lot more than what i did. in high school i didnt try at all i just flew by. looking back now i wish i would have done my best because in college it is a lot harder. I dont have the study skills i need and i have to work a lot harder to suceed.


I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that you learn for it. You created your past by living it, you live in the now to fix it and you learn from the past so that you you can create your future. However, if I could go back and give myself advice, I wish I would have listened to my elders. My Mother, Father and older siblings were right about my education. It is very important for my future. I would tell myself "Hey Christopher, you know what, your education is very important, always take time to study and make sure youre paying attention in class, and by the way, Mom and Dad are right so listen to them". I would also tell myself that I am very fortunate to be able to go to college and continue my education and self development as a human being. A lot of people dont have that opportunity and I can happily say that I am trying my hardest to accomplish and make my parents proud.


To always stay ahead of the teacher. Review the material 1 or 2 days before it is shown in class. Be as organized as possible. Study to make the grade of an A to pass the class and boost your GPA. Don't procrastinate and stay focused.


If I was back in time , I would of know what carreer I want to work on , that I will also like . I would start looking for colleges and if i needed help , I would ask for teachers to help me out.I would actually apply so many scholarships becaue college and university its expensive. I would try my hardest. . I would of taken classes in vvc just to get ahead in my future. I would also try to save up money and buy a car so I could take myself to places that I need to be. I want to be independent , because my parents work so much in their lives . I want to be help them after I finished with my career. Finish Regional Occupation Program from there I would apply for a job and still study my other career. I would still in live with my parents , the day I get married I would move out. In total of my career I would be finished in 2014 with my Master degree and License of Medical Billing and Radiologist Techinician of California of USA. I would have known programs in my school and couldve got scholarships and honors.


The advice I would give myself would be to overcome my fear of change. I was scared of going to college. Being the youngest of five children, I was the first person in my family to graduate high school. Eventually at the age of 25, I also became the first to attend college. Even at my age, the transition was easy and comfortable. I would also motivate myself to become a person of substance and justice for my two older brothers whose unnecessary deaths at early ages made me the Administration of Justice major I am today. I am now less than 20 units from graduating with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and Liberal Arts. My education is in rememberance of my brothers.


I'd tell myself that college is a lot harder than high school and that I should work harder and study more once I start college. I'd tell myself that I have to work hard for my grades, because no one will hand me an education. The teachers give the assignments, and the teacher's expect you to do the assignment, if it is not done, it is you who gets the bad grade. It takes time management and patience to do well and perseverance pays off.


Do as much research as I could for myself. Counslers are not as reliant as you think. Save all my graduation moiney plain and simple gas is high.


If I were to go back in time and speak to my highschool self I would probaly say to not worry because everything turns out fine, but since i told my self to not worry i stop worrying and then fail because worrying about failure was what kept me from failing then i come across this scholarship opportunity in which i would write that if i could go back in time and talk to my highschool self i would warn myself to not listen to my futuristic self about not worrying and worry that i could fail therefore causing me to worry and work hard to not fail and end up not failing.


I would advise myself to start off full time. I had graduated high school a little early and I was very nervous about starting college: that I would't be able to handle the work load. So I started off only taking a few classes at a time leaving me a little bit behind. When I finally went full time I had little trouble with the classes and I ended the semester with a 4.0 grade average, so now I wish I hadn't been so frightened abut pursuing my educational goals. I would also tell myself to check out the child development courses a little earlier because they really became my passion and I wish I could have known that from the start and not dallied.


If I could go back in time to talk to my self as a high school senior I would tell myself to take the SAT test to better my chances to get into a better school because that is what most colleges look for when they look at your application. I would look my self straight in the eye and tell Elijah Butler jr to be a better student, and tell him that it will help in the long run. I know Elijah will be in to art, so i would tell him to make up his mind about what art do you want to do in your life. I would tell him to play more sports be involed because if he play the best he can, and keep his grades up that can lead to a scholarship. When you are doing all of this make sure you study for every thing to be better in your class especially British literature. The last thing is take the Victor Valley College assessment test more serous. The last but not least is to have fun with your friends it's your senior year and enjoy your prom remember this class of 2007.


I would say: " College is not as hard as you think. The purpose is to prove that you can comprehend the assigned material for a grade. If you focus and try the best that you can, you will be fine. Never give up because you have the power to change the world for the better. Do not doubt yourself because you sometimes feel inadequate. Understand that you will always be equally capable and equally intelligent. As long as you stay true to yourself, your potential is unlimited."


College is matter of perspective, so make it into something grand. Everytime you're up at 4:30 in the morning trying to finish a research paper or when you're burried under a mountain of math homework just remember to smile and soak up every minute of college life because it doesn't last long. Try hard, regret nothing and learn something new everyday.


If I had the choice to to go back to myself when was a senior, I would tell myself not to be so exact in my aspirations. At this time of life there are so many important decisions we have to make and life likes to switch it up sometimes. Although at the time it might not seem right as time goes on we start to realize that the unexpected turns we have are usually the most important and life changing. The best thing to do is just to except these changes and do the best that we can.


If I could go back in time and talk to young Debi, I would tell her that now is her time! She can be anything she wants to be.... Going to college is just the begining of her life. Going to college will open her eyes to so many different things she can't get anywhere else. In college there are many opportunities to experience life to the fullest yet still growing and bettering herself to enter the career world when she graduate. It is still hard work, but it will be harder if she waits. There is so much more support and help to let her be successful. With the support, she will build friendships. These friends will help each other grow and become more wonderful than they are now..... These friends are friends that she will have for a lifetime. So don't do it for anyone else... do it for herself because she is worth it! (i have faith in her, ldebi)


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to continue in college until i had earned my B.A. degree. I got my A.S. degree and then stopped going to college after that. Now I am starting back in college to get a better education and make myself more marketable in this economy that is so had to find a job in now. So I would tell my high school senior self to stay in college until I had earned my B.A. degree. Its a decision I wouldnt regret.


I am faced with a decision, do I go to college and continue my education or do I get a full time job? I think about college and the possibilities that I could face. If I work full time, I could be wasting precious time in acheiving my goals to start a career. Getting a college educationwould open up a whole new avenue for me. I should not postpone this opportunity. I can apply for scholarships and grants and I just might get them. As long as I stay focused in school just like I have done through high school, I shold do just fine in college. My future is waiting for me. If I don't take a step forward, I am never acheive my goals.


keep going to school and training.


i would be proud of myself because i was a very good student and stayed focus.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a highschool senior i would do the following things. I would study alot harder than i did. I would take the college and my future a little more serious... The last thing i would do is i would have study a lot harder for the SAT'S and ACTS. That is what i would do if i could go back and talk to myself.


There are plenty of things that I would like to tell my self. From stay away from frat parties to saving money on books, but I would have to say that what I would love to tell myself is to stay on track. To not loose sight of the ultimate goal, to not think youth is forever. College is a growing experience and its fun but not to get off course and finish. I was tempted by the freedom of not having to go everyday. I was given a choice and lost focus. Id advise the high school version of myself that there will be plenty of time and opportunity for everything I want to do after.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give plenty of advice and tips to myself. I can make clear how much more fast paced college is compared to high school, how the professors won't pester you into punctually turning in your homework and taking tests timely. I could also illustrate the relevance and seriousness of being self motivated, and encourage myself into working hard every night so that I can be accepted into my dream school. I could pass on information to myself about how amazing college life can be, but also the downsides when compared to high school. I would advice myself enjoy my senior year as much as i can, it only happens once and when you look back at in time, it'll be an momentous reminiscence to have.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the main thing i would tell myself is to just be prepared. You can't do it alone, having a support system makes things so much easier. Your support system is most impotant.




I would tell mnyself that the real world is much more competetive and one must really give effort because thats the only way to get by in life is to continually follow goals and go to college! One shouldn't have to be at a day to day job that one dosn't like, one must step up and go to school for what he or she dreams to do for a living to live a happy and successful life and to have God and the Holy Spirit with you!


Knowing what i know now the advice i would give myself as a high school senior would be to go straight to a University. The life of a college student is an experience that everyone should have and I wish i would have gone right away. I would have told myself to send in my applications to all the universities on time instead of delaying and having to attend a community college. I also would have taken adavantage of all the scholarships that are offered to all the students because people do not take advantage of all the money that is offered to people who want to do something with their educations. To take life seriously and not focus on friends and boys would have been my advice to myself. But more than anything i would have told myself to not be scared of getting started, to be on my own, afterall fear should never hold us back from anything, because then you never would have know what you could have succeeded in.


I would advise myself that I need to make sure that I am prepared and to take everything one step at a time. I would also say that it is better for me to take time to think things through instead of overthinking everything and making a quick decison because I am stressed out. I would also advised myself to take advantage of the counselors as often as I can because they are there to help and will help me achieved my goals. The last thing I would tell myself would be that I should believe in myself and to take control of situations and not let them take control of me.


If I could talk to myself as a senior, I would focus on two things. First, know what you want to do, and know how to get there, if you don't take the inititive to find out the classes you need you are just going to be wasting time and money, two things that are very important in college. Next, don't think that you can get through college without studying. Good study habits is one of the most important things to develop in upper division learning. The truth is that you may be able to get away with it in the beginning, but once you really start getting into the classes that count, you will sink and drown if you don't take the time to study and really learn the information. Plus everything you're going to learn builds on everything you've learned already, if you don't have a good foundation, anything you try to build on that foundation will just crumble. So STUDY, and study hard because you have to put the work in if you want results, that just goes for anything in life.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice for the future in college life, it would be to plan early and utilize every resource out there that is available! There are plenty of people out there that care about you and want you to succeed, so just let go and invest some time into thinking about the future. Get involved with campus clubs and interact with others to discover more about what you like to do and how you can apply that to your future. Do not worry about money and how you will be able to afford to go to college, but do trust that everything will work out as it is suppossed to. Ease your worried mind by taking the first step to talk to a school councelor and explore your options. You have the ability to go far, trust your abilities! Although I cannot change the past, I currently work with first generation students in high school in order to keep them college bound and ease their anxieties that I once knew all to well.


study hard, for working hard today creates a better tommorrow; without a good education not much can be done.


I would have for one worked harder to stay in school and not follow the wrong crowd so that i could research the right school for my degree. I would have gotten a mentor early someone out side of the family to look up to.Someone to help me be more proactive towards life and school and the goals i wanted to accomplish.


That life is harder and more competetive out in the real world. One must try and plant their feet on the ground and really try and build a formation or a plan for his or her future. It takes hours of studying maybe even study groups or friends can help. Also that school is very important because one dosn't want to end up at a dead end job for his or her rest of their life. Everybody has a gift and one must find and use that gift that God has planted for each and everyone of us.


Don't stress the small things. When studying, don't spend hours and hours at one period trying to learn everything before a test. Study in small intervals, thirty to forty-five minute study time, with a 15 minute break. It can be very effective. Get plenty of sleep as well. seven to eight hours of sleep gives a person time to retain everything that he/she had learned the day before. Also, don't wait till the last minute for anything, just be a go-getter and do everything possible to get where you are going.


The advice that I would have given myself as a high school senior would have been to seriously look into and apply for scholarships. I never did grasp how expensive college was going to be until I got the bill for my first college semester. That was when I realized that if I thought community college was expensive, then I would be in a lot of trouble when I went to a university. I would tell myself that the essay questions aren't as daunting as I thought and that a lot of the scholarship applications were actually quite fun.


I would tell my self to study harder and not joke around so much, and to be more out going and make more friends. So it is easyer to take college courses and to meet new people.


Wow!!! This would be amazing!! I would give myself a lot of advice. Fist I would express the fact that if you are going to go to college and goof off just wait until you are ready because the grades you get will be on your transcripts forever. I was young and stupid when I started college and I thought that being with my friends and my boyfriend should be first and then school second. Boy was I wrong!! School and the grades you get are so important and you don't always realize it. College is a great experience and you should really give it your all and strive to be the best. Also, try to wait to have kids till after you have your degree because they will make studying and doing homework much more complicated!!


I would tell myself don't give up. Sometimes things will come in your way and try to overcome you, just keep trying. If I knew this as a High School student I would have had a much easier time going to school. I always wanted to go to College but once I got here I never knew how much I would enjoy it. Also, I would tell myself that I am going to work with children who have autism so be ready for a challenge. When I was in high school I thought I was going to be a kindergarten teacher and now I work with children who have autism.