Victor Valley College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Victor Valley College?


The hours of some of the classes clash with my schedule. I have three children that I need to pick up from school and their school vacations do not match my school vacations which leads to some interesting schedule shuffling.


The most frustrating thing about my school is lack of availability of classes when I need to take a certain class. Some unfair teachers that allow personality conflicts get in the way of their accurate judgement.


Financial Aid Office I am a big fan and supporter of my school, but the financial aid office is the only office that even i can't stand to be arround


The most frustrating process at Victor Valley College is the regestration. Probably like most schools, there are too many people and not enough classes. It is a race to get the classes you want at the times you need.


The lack of class, due to the economy there have been a lot cuts to classes which is frustrating to us students. It makes it harder to get the classes you want because so many other people are trying to get the same class too.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that classes are so limited; because of how the economy it is at times hard to get the classes that are necessary and classes get filled easily because there are not enough classes offered, for the amount of students trying to attend.


The most frustrating thing at our school is the "waitlist" system. When classes are filled, students are automatically put on a waitlist. These waitlists can accumulate up to 50 people. If the demand for a class is so high, wouldn't common sense be to open up more of that same class?