Virginia State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is extremely family oriented.


Virginia State University is a small historically black university which used to have a reputation for being a party school, but I see ourselves as an underdog college because we are increasingly more academic while we have wonderful professors, students along with an expanding college.


Mediumsized somewhat friendly,inspiring.


Virginia State University is the first HBCU in the country to implement an integrated core business curriculum and one of the first schools in the country to develop a system to deliver content to students in a predominantly digital format. We are actively modeling for our students the need to be good corporate citizens as well as helping them increase their facility with 21st century, Web 2.0 tools.


My school is friendly, academically sound, and overall a great school to attend.


Virginia State University, the home of the TROJANS, is a wonderful institution and very school spirited which promotes that acedemics always should come first.


One heck of an experience!


Virginia State University is full of opportunities. This institution will help people get ready for their careers after leaving the institution. Virginia State has diversity and there is a lot of things people can learn and experince that is out side of people comfort zone.


Virginia State is a college facility that helps you feel home and has lots of opportunities to fit in and not feel out of place.


Virginia State University has a very helpful community of staff such as teachers and administrative assistants.


my school is an hbcu, the campus is very small and the student activities on campus are limited. the food is not that great and their are limited funds for out-of state students. the surrounding city is boring.


My school in one sentence is a college that makes you feels as if you?re at home and gives you every tool that you need to succeed at the next level


My school is a historically black university that offers diversity and culture throughout the student body , with caring teachers that want the best for their students.


VSU is all around a small university with well educated students that they prepare for the real world.


Virginia State University is very open, exciting, loving, warm, concern about others well-being, and educated.




the school is has a very homey feeling and professors gives hand on interaction with students.


very old school, mostly an all black school and very small. but i like it


My school can be hard to understand, but over all it is a good school.


Virginia State University is a unique school with good intentions for it's students, but it doesnt show it to them, by lacking in helping them and providing them with financial help.


The university does not seem to care for students that much and others are not very pleasant to one another.


VSU offers once in a life time, ever lasting , positive impact on peoples lives.


Virginia State University is the epitome of ambition found in students.


Virginia State University is full of school spirit, goal orientated, a breed of its own and possess very knowledgeable professors.


An academic instution striving to create leadership and education within the African American community.