Virginia State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about VSU is the lack of organization and ability to hold staffing accountable.


The night life. If you don't party then sometimes the campus can be a little boring. If you're like me though you like nature and all that weird stuff so sitting on the hill behind foster looking at the street lights can be just as fun(:


Lack of diversity, racially and personality-wise, with the students.


The worst thing about my school is it seems like all they care about is money. When I was enrolling in Virginia State University they put on an act that they support their students but when I ask my counselor for gudiance about department scholarships or the honors programs she acts like this information is foreign and the staff does not answer the phone. This year I worked hard to maintain above a 3.0 and in quest for finances it seems like they cannot help and are not trying to leaving me stranded to find money school.


The worst thing about my school is the adminstration, no one seems to know how to handle student problems.


the lack of financial aid assistance from faculty




The worst thing i would consider when dealing with my school is the lack of space on campus. They school recently has accepted record breakin numbers of incoming students, and they dont have a place to accomodate the students


The worst thing about Virginia State University is the older buildings. Its a HBCU so they use the older building as a mark of history but they could at least rebuild or remode all the builds. They've started redoing the dorms though.


The worst thing about my school is the dorm i live in. It is the oldest and only dorm that do not have an elevator. The food gets boring after a while because there is not alot of variety.


The worst thing about my schools is the lack of communication. The gaps of communication happen because some students check thier university e-mail, whereas others do not. Deadlines have passed and continue to pass students by.


The Use Of Alcohol and Drugs


The worst thing about my school is the financial aid that they provide for students. The school offers little scholarships to students even if they recieve good grades at the university. Virginia State is a fairly expensive schoool to attend and unless you come from a low income family, the financial aid awarded is slim to none. The school does not offer additional help for students that can not afford to attend , which I feel is an important characteristic an university should obtain.




I consider the housing and the finicial aid the wrose. I chose both beacuse if a out of state student does'nt have housing they can not attend. finicial aid gives more money to in state students then out of state when we both need finicial aid equally.


The worst thing about Virginia State University would be the internet search engine. It tends to be slow at times when a lot of students are using it at once.


The worst thing about my school is there isn't much to do on the weekends if you don't have a car or know someone with a car.


I think the worst thing about my school is its location. My school is located in a semi-urban area, but there isnt much to do on the weekends.


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be the validation process because it isn't well organized and it is very time consuming and stressful for returning students.


Nothing is wrong with it.


Occasionally my school can be very unorganized.


Housing for the upper classmen. The school only has enough housing to house mainly the freshmen and after that, the school expects you to get an apartment close to school. If you are a student who wants to live on campus, then you must sing up for housing very early and if you are too late then you are put on a waiting list.


The worst thing I consider about my school are the dormitories, security, and the classes. The dorms are very dirty and don't really interact with the students. Security is not that well because usually from what I see from other schools is that the security talks and often hangs around the students but our security doesn't do that they just ride around in their cars all day. With the classes teachers don't really give any privelages ot students to help them pass and they really don't interact with the students outside the class room.


The worst thing would have to be that there is not much to do extracurricularly for those students that are freshman, because as an incoming freshman you are unable to join clubs or organizations.