Wake Technical Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about his school is the image that it gives off to the general public. Most view Wake Tech as a school where "losers" or "failures" go when they have no other options. This is not even close to true because many people, including myself, go to a school like Wake Tech for financial reasons.


There is not enough support for cultural or social events in Wake Tech. Days tend to be very monotonous, for the focus is mainly academic. The activities done by the directors or the student government association are not really interesting at all and do not promote any trascendental or conscious cultural value in my opinion.


I am one of the very many individuals that drives to school every day. Parking at Wake Technical Community College is a nightmare. I have seen more bumper to bumper accidents in the parking lots at my school than ever before. Yes, there is a parking deck about five stories high that is mostly always half empty, but it is two miles away from the school. Nobody wants to park so far away and walk, when you can just follow someone to their car, wait for them to pull out, and then quickly take their spot before anyone else does.