Waldorf University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Waldorf University know before they start?


17-year-old self, make sure to pray A LOT about where to land for the next 4 years. It will be the most challenging and rewarding 4 years of your life. Professors will be mean, in the name of growth (of course), and you will need to find your own identity. But, don't be scared; you are free to be whoever you want to portray to the world. Talk to the random strangers on the street; say "hi" to everyone you walk by. You never know who will become your best friend, after all. Your new friends will encourage you to try new things, do them. Stretch outside your comfort zone because these are the prime years to explore the world, with all it's adventures. When you look back after college, do you want to be the person saying, "Oh, that was the best experience of my life!" or are you going to be the person wishing you could do it all over? You choose.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would have many things to tell myself. I would encourage myself to save more money while in high school, allowing myself to have less to worry about in college. Another valuable piece of information I would share with myself would be to not get so involved and worked up about the high school drama. After being in college for a few months I realized how insignificant and unnecessary all of the drama from high school really was. I would tell my high school self about how much more difficult college courses are than high school courses. I would encourage myself to work on developing better study skills in high school so that the transition to college would have been slightly easier. The last thing that I would talk to my high school self about would be my parents. I would tell myself to thank my parents more often. Being away from them made me realize how much they do for me on an everyday basis. If I were to go back in time, I would have many helpful things to tell myself.


Attending college is very important, achieveing good grades to get in college is even more important, maintaining good grades throught college is most importatnt. Attending college is a great opportunity because you are expanding your education. There are a variety of majors you can choose from. You wouldn't be obligated to stick with one major, you can always change it to see which major best fits you. You would be more qualified for a job after graduating and aquiring some type of degree. Living on campus is a great opportunity to be away from home, and having a feel of whats its like to be on your own. You become more independent, and do things for yourself. I'm speaking from my own experience, being away from home can be hard and a learning experience at the same time. Studying, turning homework in on time, attending and being on time to class, and taking notes in class are some important things college students should take in consideration to succeed in classes. College is a great opportunity.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college life, I would tell myself to work as hard as I can to prepare myself for college. I also would have told myself to enroll in more difficult classes during my senior year and also to try to take some college classes, if possible. The easiest way that I could have prepared myself for the college lifestyle would have been by taking a couple of college classes. One of the most important things I would have told myself about college life is to be relaxed and not stress about it because even though everyone claims that it is really hard , its not.


Looking back, I see the shy, insecure me- stepping nervously into a new dorm room, on a new campus, in a new state. I walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder, ?Mind if we talk?? She shakes her head, and we sit down. ?Listen,? I say, ?I have some advice for you. This weekend, before classes start, go to every orientation event-optional or required-and be one hundred percent yourself. Do not be shy, do not be quiet. Open up and have fun. Get to know the people around you. This weekend you will meet some of your future closest friends- the ones who will get you through the stressful times and help you make the best of the fun times.? She nods. ?That being said, keep in touch with your friends back home. You?ll need them around, too. And above all, try not to let anything stress you out too much. You will learn that God has everything in control, no matter how unstable life seems sometimes. Have fun, work hard, and enjoy every day here, because time will certainly fly by.? She nods along, as confidence begins to stretch across her face.


Focus on academics and sports even more. Any schools education is worth it; make the best of it.


cost is everything


You need to make the most of your college experience and it isnt hard at all if you choose the right college, one that has a good number of students and appeals to your needs. to make the most of it all, you need to get your work done and give it the best quality, you should maintaine a good relationship with your peers and professors. keep in contact with loved ones you may be far in distance but its good to keep them close to your heart because school can be overwhelming and our loved ones are great with advice, and support.


My senior year of high school was a stressful time for me and I wish that I had taken more time with my college choice. I only looked at three schools and then applied to two. I just wanted to be done so I picked the easy one. I have family that lives here so it seemed like the right/safe choice I was one of the lucky ones. I love my life here at Waldorf College. If I could go back and do it all over I would make sure that I took more care in looking into the programs and the professors. Make sure you explore all of your options make sure you find what fits you best. Basically don't settle. I came to Waldorf for the cheerleading and wasn't happy at all, but you can make things work for you. I'm now a double major in psychology and dramaturgy(which is a major i designed myself) and I'm extremely involved in the theatre department. This has made me extremely happy. So give all the colleges a chance and look for the fun parts becuase they are not always right in front of you


Start Early!