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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


During my college experience I have received knowledge in both the highs and the lows of college. I have had wonderful professors who have opened different avenues of learning for me. I have been exposed to subjects only touched on in high school. I have had to learn to study and organize my time and experienced studying hard only to get a mediocre grade on a exam. As discouraging as those events are, I know college is where I need to be. The value of these experiences lies in the cementing of the concept that without an education the possibilites for my life are limited. College is the avenue to self discovery and the aquisition of new skill sets yet to be found inside me. I find value in the ability to have access to community colleges and Universities that are tops in this country. The value of attendence can also be defined for me in discovering the diverse people in college. I have gained much from the different viewpoints they bring to learning. College is important and a challenge I will see through to the end.


The education I received at Berklee College of Music was beneficial on multiple levels. Creativity, professionalism, diligence, passion, and friendship are just some descriptions I'd use to describe my experience there. It was very inspiring to sit with a master musician and have the opportunity to ask them specific questions about performance, phrasing, color, etc. Not only do I feel I grew as a musician, but as a human being as well. This education inspire me to live a deeper, more meaningful life. Let me give an example. In music, when playing a melody it is understood that to give it life, the performer needs to understand what is being expressed. Is it sadness? Passion? Fear? Now, once this is known, what steps are necessary to convey this emotion musically? Sometimes the performer uses a subtlety of hand motion, or a large gesture is required. Yet, at all times the one factor that must be in play is mindfulness. This engenders that all of the musician's thoughts are on the matter at hand and not off wandering somewhere else. Now, isn't that what we want for all human beings? - Presence of mind?


Through attending college I got to figure out exactly what my passion was. Enrolling in the first place was because I could not work any longer at my job as a housekeeper in a convalescent home. I was only nineteen years old and knew this wasn't the direction I wanted my life to go. I probably had about ten different majors and career goals but through taking classes and deducing the ones I wouldn't be interested in as a career, I figured out what I really wanted. I fell in love with Public Health; or Health Sciences which is my official major. Taking my time at community college was valuble to me because I was able to figure out what I was interested in by taking classes, some subjects appealed to me more than others but it was something I was passionate about. The learning experience of being brought into a completely different environment where I was in charge of my education has helped me gain independence and determination to succeed. That is something I had never had before.


I served in the Marine Corps for five years as an EA-6B airframes and hydraulics mechanic. I loved my job and was very happy to be part of an amazing team of warriors. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue my career in the Corps. I moved very quicly through the ranks and received several meritorious masts and letters of commendation for my performance. During Operation Iraqi Freedom I sustained a knee injury during a mortar attack. My doctor said that with that type of injury I may want to reconsider my career in the military; I was given the option to be medically discharged, which I refused. My contract ended in 2006 and I had surgery at a VA medical facility. It was there that I realized my calling as a physical therapist. I want to specialize in rehabilitation therapy to help other military men and women recover from physical injuries they might have sustained while serving in the military. I know and understand military members and I want to help. A degree in Kinesiology will be the first step in helping those who I most admire and care for, our military veterans.


Tiana: Don't regret a moment of your life, your education, your experience. Don't waste a moment of it either. Read every book, analyze ever case study. Reflect on ever theory. You are young, fresh, and untapped. Don't worry about picking the right major but focus on finding friends and mentors who will help you make informed decisions. Pray, always pray. Even if you stop believing that there is Someone or Something that love you more than you could ever love yourself...pray! Take pictures, write poems, read stories. Create films. Think. Always be filled with ideas of a better future. Dot ever "i" and cross ever "t". But if you forget, smile, acknowledge your mistake; always acknowledge your mistake. Did I forget to mention prayer?


If I could go back in time and tell myself somethings about college, I would!!! Focus on your work. Dont take a morning class or night class If you know you can't wake up or stay up at that time. Don't skip classes, try your hardest to stay in school even during hard times. Take time to do more extra-curricular activities, and be apart of clubs outside of school that can help you financially pay for tuition. Don't look at another man, or go to a club until you get done with college or until at least until your on the Deans List every week. Watch OUT!!! Be careful of who you call a friend, who you tell anything too and what you do, where you go and what you wear!! Everything defines who you are, and people do see you so make a Good Impression. Join Clubs, it helps to meet people. Don't forget what your parents taught you, be mindful of where you came from and look to where you can go. Sit up front, and constantly talk to your proffesors so they remember your name and face.


To myself I would say, "Self....I know you're confused about your future. You're constantly asking yourself what you want to be when you grow up. You're bright, young and impressionable. The world is your oyster at this point. You have many options, but no solid goals. My advise to you is to go to Loyola Marymount as you are planning. However, instead of majoring in Business Administration, why not go for something more broad, like Liberal Arts. Since you have no specific career goal, a Liberal Arts degree would give you exposure to a wider academic arena. That way you could make those crucial life decisions from a position of clarity and desire rather than trying to fulfill your father's dream. Perhaps the exposure to campus life, the mentoring of concerned faculty, and the support of your peers will facilitate the decision-making process. Then, once you decide how you'd like to proceed, you can change your major to suit your career goals. Whatever you do, don't lose your focus on education. This is the time in your life when you form the basis for your future success. Be true to your heart!


i would tell myself not to worry too much but to let things come together and choose a school... for God is in control no matter where i end up going!

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