Washington College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Washington College is best known for being a small liberal arts school. This rural college has about 1500 students and has about 40 degree programs. Washington College is also the only school under the patronage of George Washington.


My school is best known for its gorgeous location. It is a very small campus, but the historic area is beautiful. In a short walk you can go to the river and look out across the Chester River. You are able to walk around the campus and view the trees and flowers, or lay out on the campus 'Green.'


Washington College is best known for its education in the subject of Creative Writing. An excellent school if you wish to be a writer. However, because of their high standards in education across the board, it is also an excellent liberal arts school and preparatory school for lawyers and those, such as me, seeking careers in the medical community.


I can say that my school is best know for history. There is so many opportunities for history majors because the town and the school both are filled with historical artifacts and the like that give history majors plenty of chances to explore their field. Also I can say the Washington College is a liberal arts college so classes in many areas of study are available to students. I believe that high school seniors that haven't really made up their mind about what they want to major in will find this school a good choice.


Birthday Ball...may day is a close second


Very competent teachers and small classes allow for more interaction in courses.


Its academics. It is a highly academic school, writing skills are emphasized.