Washington College Top Questions

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Washington College offers the most student resources compared to the other schools I considered. For instansce we have the writing center which is run by current students who help other students write and poof read their papers. Another great student resource offered here is the one-on- one free student tutoring sessions in which current students allow other students to set up times with them for free tutoring. Washington College also has a career center in which I can get free help fiding a job or a paid internship.


There is a low student-to-faculty ratio, so everyone gets the attention they need. Teachers focus on you and how to help you succeed.


At Washington College you are a person with a name, not a number. The class sizes are really small, so that attention you need from teachers can be given. The teachers are really helpful and really prepare yo for your field of study. The campus is very easy to navigate and convenient to get around. The students are all really nice. It's like one big family.


We are a small town college and we try to get involved with the community. We bring the community in and we go out into the community as well. It is nice to keep the whole town involved and make it a better place.


Driving back to WAC after break is coming Home. My family is my community, is my professors, is my friends and peers. Walking across campus, there is never an unfamiliar face, never a lack of "hello". This land is beautiful not for the riverside or the great veridian fields (though they are lovely too) but because everywhere I look I can find a smile lighting my path. That is Home to me, that is where I wish to be.


It is small and offered arabic at the time


At Washington College, I believe they have an excellent foreign exchange program and I also believe that there are a lot of chances for Americans to get to know other cultures of the world by talking to the diverse set of exchange students at the school. I also can say that the people, students and teachers included are very warm and friendly and won't hesitate to help those in need academically or personlly.


My school is small with an excellent student to teacher ratio. The campus is clean and invting, and the buildings are convienently located. They provide shuttle services for students without cars.