Washington College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think the worst thing about Washington College is how so few have heard of it! Not to be a cheese or anything, but it's kind of frustrating when I tell people I go there and they say, "Oh, Washington and Lee University? Mary Washington University? Washington University?" No no no! I said "Washington College! Goose Nation!" I mean, I get it. It's located in the middle of nowhere (Chestertown, MD) on the Eastern Shore. Usually the only people who have heard of it are people from the Delmarva area. When I do encounter people who know the school, it is one of the best feelings ever!


The kind of person who should attend Washington College is driven and ready to embrace diversity! Our campus is full of life and chanllenging courses, you just have to be willing to come at them full speed! Be willing to see everything the school has to offer. This person should be confident in their academic ability, or ready to embrace that confidence because our professors have an amazing way to bring that confidence out. Lastly this person should be willing to ask the tough questions; "I need help, can you help me?" , "What else can I do to improve?".


Washington College doesn't have a spefic type of student that should attend. Everyone fits in on campus and in class, the entire campus community encourges students be different, speak their mind and venture out of their confort zone and create new experience for themselves. If I had to describe the ideal student for Washington College I would say an individual who is open minded , takes their studies seriously, out-going and ready to have the best four years of their life.


Someone who likes a small and personal atmosphere should attend college here. If you like being able to get one on one help from your professors and actually have the option of getting to know the majority of the students there, this college is for you.


Someone who doesn't liek to be in a big city. Someone who wants to know everyone on campus and get to know their professors personally.


If you attend Washington College you must enjoy the country. There are no majors stores for about an hour. As well, if you are an outdoorsman; hunting, fishing, camping and boating are all very close by. Washington College provides a tight knit relationship with all your professors and fellow students. Sudents who enjoy a close community would like Washington College. If you like to eat good food as well it's the place to be. In short the person that should attend Washington College should be creative (to find things to do), outdoorsy, and comfortable with their peirs.


Someone who is very social and for whom experience of the world is not a high priority