Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Because Wayland Baptist is a religious based school the view points and expectations are different in my opinion than others. The dorm life, student life, greek life, everything is different from what state schools views are in those categories.


Dedicated, hardworking, not afraid to pushed and challenged.


The people at this school are a mixture of highly religeous, somewhat religeous, and people with just about no religeous background. I would recommend this school to anyone who likes a small close academic environment. All the teachers here at Wayland are very flexible with athletics and are always available whenever you need them. Most of them will really work with you with whatever you need. Anyone who likes a small campus with good student facilities to hangout and loves a great christian environment would fit right in at Wayland Baptist University. I would highly recomend Wayland Baptist University.


Any person would feel welcome in this school. The people are very nice and open to new people. I was scared my freshman year, but they made me feel very welcome and i have alot of new friends thanks to Wayland.


The person who is looking for a balanced biblical and academically challenging school. Wayland has an excellent caring attitude. Someone looking for a close knit community would also find Wayland appealing.


People who want to attend a university that is small, personal and can give a student one on one attention.