Webb Institute Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Webb generally consists of white males. This is most likely due to very narrow study and the field of engineering as a whole. Women consist of small population at Webb, and currently there is also a small minority of Asians. Students are from across America varying from places such as the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest and the South. A majority of students however are from the Northeast region. Student interaction is the basis of Webb. With such a small student body, everyone knows everyone, unlike much larger colleges where it may be lucky to see someone you know on any given day.


The Webb student body is fairly homogenous, but that is because its subject matter is focused. While there are people from around the country (including landlocked states, such as New Mexico), the student body has a great deal of similarities. Everybody is incredibly driven to complete all their work and do as well as they can. They are also, as previously mentioned, relaxed. In terms of dress, it varies depending on the homework assignments of the previous night. Pajamas being worn to class are not unheard of, especially if their wearer had to spend the entire night awake to finish some project or lab. Otherwise, people dress casually in whatever manner they find appropriate, though a general attempt to show respect for the professors is observed.


Students choose Webb for different reasons: some come for the boats; others choose Webb for the size or the charm; still others are swayed by Webb’s reputation for a superb education at an unbeatable cost. As with many engineering colleges in the United States, the majority of students is white and male. Students come to Webb from all over the U.S., though a significant minority of Webbies comes from within 200 miles of the school. Despite their homogeneity, Webbies readily accept those who are different; the student body is very much like a family. Since all students operate on scholarships, socioeconomic diversity exists but is irrelevant. Webbies tend to be indifferent to current events, in part because they have too much work to concern themselves with the news.