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The Honor Code at Webb is what makes the school function as it does. Students cannot lie, cheat, or steal. It’s as simple as this. The Honor Code system allows students more freedom as they know their fellow Webbies also live by the same code and that everyone can be trusted in not breaking this code.


It is true, some people don’t always like to wear clothes, but that is a given.


Webb might seem like a rather easygoing place. It is, but with two important exceptions. All Webbies are bound by a sacrosanct moral code that prohibits lying, cheating, and stealing. Webbies take this vow very seriously, which creates an atmosphere of complete trust that is, in its own way, quite liberating. Webb’s alcohol policy is also very strict, and this is not liberating. If your vision of college includes nightly dorm parties and coasting through classes, then you should probably look elsewhere.