Webster University Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


Webster has plenty of options for dining around campus. I actually enjoy going to the main dining hall on campus (Marlettos). You just swipe your card and can go back as many times as you want to refill your plate! There are a lot of different options. I'm trying to eat healthier, so I really enjoy that there's always vegetarian and vegan meal options available besides your average salad bar. If I feel like subs, smoothies, pretzels, chicken tenders, wings, burgers, etc, the University Center has more specialized menus and is open later. If I want to treat myself and get off campus, there are plenty of restaurants in the surrounding area!


Better food than any of the other colleges I visited senior year. The cafeteria has a section where you custom-order your meals and they cook it on the grill in front of you! We also have a board of students who advise campus dining services, and they have fought for healthier food in recent years-- local, organic, etc.


We have a lot of options where to eat on campus. We have one big dining hall called Marlettos that offers a variety of different foods including a salad bar, vegetarian option, pizza and cereal all day long!!! Or you could choose to stop by the food kiosk in one of our academic buildings or Kaldi's Coffee in our library. The other popular eating spot is called crossroads and it is more like a fast food option here on campus. We have a really popular place called WOW that serves amazing chicken! And also you can try Freshens, which serves smoothies and ice cream or Blimpies which is like a Subway. We have a lot of options and personally I enjoy the food here. Just choose to eat smart because that Freshman fifteen is real!


We have an on campus cafeteria called Marletto's that has permanent dining options, like burgers, salads, and sandwiches, and also has a grill in the middle that makes a different food every day! We also have a Blimpie's, which sells sandwiches, a WOW, which has fried foods, and a Freshens, that has frozen yogurt. We have a ton of variety on campus when it comes to food, so you'll never get tired of food here.