Webster University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about my professors at Webster- the staff was always very hands on and really motivated students to excell.


I do projects instead of tests.


My pride in attending Webster University is most fueled by the accessibility to international sister campuses. Webster's reach on the educational plane is far, and worldwide. Cultural diversity is tantamount to their mission, and the opportunity to learn from other walks of life is not measurable.


My bragging rights include an amazingly dedicated staff of educators, a diverse student body and a fantastic education. I love that my school attracts people from all over the world, and how the courses are interdisciplinary to create an appeal to students in varying degree programs. Classes in art history invariably speak to contemporary politics, sociology and student rights all at the same time. I never leave a class without feeling like the Professor gave me three courses in one.


I enjoy the freedom I have by living in the student housing. I am gaining independance in an environment that suits me well.


One of the reasons I choose Webster University is for the small class room sizes. I know I would not personally survive in a lecture hall with hundreds of students. At Webster all of my classes are about or less than 30 people, which makes it easy if I have questions. With small class sizes, I have a greater opportunity to ask my professors for one on one help to make sure I understand the material.


I don't have friends at school, just aquientences. Bascially all we say to each other is "Hi" and "Bye." I wasn't like this in high school though. In high school I had friends and we just talked about video games, movies, and a little bit about our futures. Here in college, I feel like I don't belong with the students and feel like I'm just here to get my degree and get started with my career.


Webster is really accepting of everyone. It is a very diverse campus. We are a very friendly campus.


Some of my teachers wrote the text books that several other universities as well as my own use for the class.


The majority of the students on campus have a form of creativeity in them. Whether it be that they are literal artists, videographers or musicians or that they are from a different culture or different part of the world than you are from. Meeting and making friends with people on this campus is as great a learning experience as what you learn in the classroom. The people here help further your education in life as well as help you discover more about yourself and who you really are or are meant to be.