Webster University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Lack of fraternities and sororities. No social life.


Lack of scholarships.


The most frustrating aspect of my school is the lack of funding on my part. I am going to be really far in debt when I graduate and I'm frustrated that I can't go to a decent school without this happening. I don't want to have to be in debt for the rest of my life paying off school loans, but I also think that it's the only way to get to where I want to be.


The most frustrating thing at Webster is the computer lab because the computers are old and most of the time it doesnt work and also they are full of virus even though we do have a computer technician on compus.


What really drives me crazy is that I live about 30 minutes far from school.


As a commuter student, one of the most frustrating things about Webster is the availability of parking spots. Although I am always lucky enough to find a spot, on most days I have to park in the garage which isn?t convenient for any of my classes. One way to know if it is going be a good day or bad day is, whether or not you can find a close parking spot.


Some of the policies are outdated and do not follow the overall attitude of "Tolerance" at Webster.


My major is film production, and the way the school of communications is structured is frustrating because we don't learn enough technology, but we don't learn enough theory either. They throw us into making films every year with little information and little guidance, and little stress on the need for cooperation and specific crew positions to make the work flow easier. They act like we're all going to become starving artist independent directors.


So many of the students and faculty are so passionate about what they do that it can be a real downer working with the bureaucratic administrators in the business and financial aid offices. They are boring and occasionally act like they don't care.


They do not have a lounge for commuters.


Parking situations, bureaucracy, stiff meal plans, on-campus dining options, campus activity advertisements


I think the most frustrating thing was the lack of help in finding a career after college.


Even though Webster is a comparatively small school, it still has all the bureaucratic and administrative tangles that one would expect at a much larger university. With the exception of its academic advising program, getting almost anything done requires students to jump through a ridiculous amount of loopholes. A student will end up running all around campus, from one department to the next, just to accomplish a fairly simple task, like locating a paycheck that got lost in the office to office shuffle, or registering for a high-level class that requires special approval.