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Wellesley actively encourages students to explore different areas. I took the college's advice and walked out of my comfort zone my first semester, taking computer science and a class about Jewish and Muslim exiles. I had zero background, but they sounded interesting. I ended up loving coding, and I also want to continue studying the Middle East! This wouldn't have been possible without: 1) excellent teaching, (In 2012, Princeton Review rated Wellesley professors as #1 in the nation), 2) A mentality that people excel in what they love to do, so they should find what they love first.


I'm going to go for the obvious and say that we are a historically women's college. What most people interpret, is that Wellesley breeds women who haven't learned to jostle with men, leaving them unprepared for a "man's" world. What this really means is that being female is taken off of the table, and you learn that a woman's opinion is just as valid and valuable as a male's. It means that you gain confidence, knowledge, and learn how to make your prescence known in a sea of awesome, something wholly unique to Wellesley.


I particularly love the empowering atmosphere provided at Wellesley. Although it is a relatively small college, it simply does not fail in allowing each student to feel that at Wellesley, anything is possible. Being surrounded by curious, passionate, and like-minded individuals has been socially and academically satisfying for me. In addition, the small class sizes allows for professors to develop wonderful relationships with their students, thus leading to stellar recommendations and lifelong friendships. At Wellesley, I am among the best, brightest, and most determined women in the nation, and I cannot imagine myself attending any other college.


Wellesley is a women's college, so there is a really close-knit community. The academics are still rigorous, but women get the opportunity to excell in a really supportive environment where they can be leaders.


All women's environment provides a unique positive place for it's students.


women's only college - great opportunity for girls to take on leadership roles, rasies maturity level of campus, lots of diverse activities


all-women, supportive alums, sisterhood


all women


great finacial aid, great alumn network


all women




It is a women's college focused very deliberitely on education and academics. The students are very driven and motivated. I transferred to Wellesley in 2005 and was struck by how unique this was, compared to the college from which I came.


The diversity, the research opportunities, and the close relationship with faculty


FIrst off, it's an all-girls school which is very different from any other school. It was the only all-girls school that I applied to and I really thought I was going to end up regretting that decision but I'm glad I made the choice that I did. It's also ridiculously challenging here. You really have to push yourself. I applied mostly to big schools but I'm really glad I made the choice to go to Wellesley. It's a perfect fit.


It is 99% wonderful going to a womens college but that 1% is very difficult. While I don't miss boys at all in the academic setting, it is very difficult not to have them on campus socially.


The worst thing about Wellesley is that there are many students who will do anything to get ahead in class, even if it means holding back the rest of the class with things like questions that the teacher has already answered, or being overly competitive in class, refusing to help anyone around them. Another negative thing about Wellesley is that students from different cultural backgrounds tend not to mix; if you belong to a certain race you will most likely have all, if not most of your friends from that race, only with a few exceptions.


Come here if you want an excellent education and are willing to get out there, be independent, and find your own way. Wellesley environment is supportive in most ways during the day and empowers young women, however the night and the weekend are your own to figure out and make the most of, so you need to make the effort to enjoy them outside the academic context.


Wellesley is not very friendly towards conservative or Republican viewpoints. If the school wants to be truly academically diverse, it must also accept and encourage these opinions in addition to liberal or Democrat opinions.


If you want a top-notch education, come to Wellesley. If you want to have the time of your life, go to a state school.


The fact that it's an all-girl school makes it more comfortable in class—there are discussion you couldn't or wouldn't have with boys around. You normally don't notice there aren't boys around until you see one or until the weekend comes.


I choose this school because it was the best academically that I got into. With that said, had I had other options I would definetely NOT have chosen it...and I feel the vast majority of students picked Wellesley for that very reason and/or financial aid, which is good at Wellesley. I have met very few students that had Wellesley as their first choice and with that said, the few I have met that were gung-ho wellesley were ridiculously bizarre and sheltered. Also fitness is not a priority for anybody. The way we get lured to events is by the promise of food. There is NO shortage of overweight women and food at Wellesley.


Wellesley is an amazing place to be. It is so full of opportunies and of amazing women who I am sure will make a difference in the world. People can be really cautious of a women's college, but Ive come to love Wellesley. Its not perfect, but the pros out-weigh the cons.


I would not recommend Wellesley at all. If you can go to any other well-"ranked" school, go there. You will be miserable here.


Wellesley Pretty much rocks!


Nothing really, I think it's a good school. It has it's faults and people have to decide for themselves if it's worth it for them to go to Wellesley in spite of those faults. For me, it's no hands down obvious I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. But that's just me.


MIT and Harvard girls will hate you...but that is only because we steal their men;)


Let's see...some good and some bad. On the bad side, a lot of time you encounter people that just really want to put you into a box. You meet them and tell them you're a psych major or whatever and that's what you to them. You encounter it a lot, but it's something you work around. You stop noticing it once you get a group of friends that don't see you that way. On the good side, those friends, are definitely there. I've gotten as close to my best friend at Wellesley in one year as I've gotten with my best friend back home in six. You see them all the time and you bond. Everyone's so unique here. I never considered diversity big, but its huge and I feel like I've grown tenfold because of it.


As you can probably see I disliked Wellesley for all it's worth. I am an independent, laid back, sports enthusiast from California who likes to hang out with 'the boys'. If this describes you DO NOT even consider applying to this school, it's not worth your time. Wellesley has "the name" but college should be a place where you learn and grow as a person, not want to curl up under the covers and wish the four years to pass by while your eyes are closed.


I love wellesley!


If you only want to go to college to party- go somewhere else. If your future is more important to you- definitely come here. There are still people here at Wellesley who party any chance they get - it's just that you have to travel off campus to get to the parties. P.S - we have a shuttle bus that brings us into Boston every hour on the weekdays - for free. The shuttle bus runs every 40 mins on Fridays and Saturdays. On the weekends, the bus rides cost $2 (the same price as the subway fare that BC, Tufts, BU, and Harvard students have to pay) On Friday and Saturday nights, busses run until 3am (whereas Boston's subways stop running at 12:55am).


It's an interesting place. Definitely not for everyone.


It's a great school.. Sometimes you'll hate it, and sometimes you'll love it. I often regret not going to one of your big, fun, football driven colleges, but i feel I made the right choice in choosing Wellesley- because I will just learn so much more than I ever thought I would. I am pushing myself harder than I thought I could, and I know I will in one way or another, become a better person after my four years here. I may have missed out on the whole party-scene- but that's something I know I'm giving up for a good reason.


Please really think before deciding to come here. I didn't, and now I wished that I transferred.


I first came to Wellesley before my Junior year of high school. I got out of the car in the middle of a mud pit at the construction site for the new student center. And I fell in love. I then spent a year and a half lookign for a co-ed school to like better. I couldn't find one and applied early decision to Wellesley. My relationship with Wellesley has been a little like a romantic relationship - the infatuation phase did come to an end, but what I've realized is that, warts and all, I still love this place and coming here is a decision I've never regretted. Don't be afraid of the women's college thing - most days I forget about it anyways, and when I do remember, I tend to be very grateful, because I love Wellesley and a co-ed Wellesley just wouldn't be my Wellesley.


Wellesley may not be the typical college experience, but it's wonderful!! (Not to mention incredibly beautiful).


The academics are amazing, even if you have to jump through hoops to take the classes you want and finish the stupid requirements. But don't come here if you want to have fun. Many people say that Wellesley is where fun comes to die. I think that is quite accurate.


I think that was pretty much it.


I would say that the vast majority of students here have a love/hate relationship with Wellesley. It's not always fun, it's not ever really easy, and sometimes you wonder why you're working your butt off against grade deflation while the rest of your high school friends party. That being said, Wellesley changes you. It's made me a better, deeper thinker, more open minded, and braver than I ever thought I could be. If I could do it again I wouldn't change a thing.


One thing that I haven't talked about is the beauty of the campus. It is absolutely breath-taking. Some people have likened it to Hogwarts which I guess is a fair anaology minus the boys, broomsticks and odd creatures. But the gothic architecture and the huge, beautiful commmon rooms of the dorms make this school, in my opinion, the most beautiful in this country. My only other thing, is that I love this school and I think that any woman in this country would thrive here. People think that sexism has died but it hasn't, and going to a school like Wellesley will teach you that as a woman, you are powerful beyond measure and that nothing can hold you back.


Wellesley is an amazing place, its not for everybody, and often people have a hard time adjusting to it, but it can really feel like home. There is something about a n all women's environment that attracts interesting and talented people, but allows women to really discover exactly who they are. Its so liberating but also enjoyable and nurturing. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Oh so much, but in order to know, you'd have to come here...

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