Wellesley College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In order to suceed at Wellesley you have to be confident in your academic abilities. It's a really difficult school, especially for those who do not come from a rigourous educational background. Even if you don't, self-confidence is a must. You can't be afraid to ask for help, from professors or friends, and you have to know who you are. You will be surrounded by some of the most phenomenal women you have ever met in your life, and it can be hard to remember that if you got in, you're one of them!


Someone who is comfortable seeking out opportunities to have fun, someone who can handle stress, someone who can thrive when others around him/her are stressed


A driven, ambitious, open minded, tolerant, and intelligent woman who is well-rounded. This prospective student must have an excellent high school academic record, but also a great social service, community service and extra-curricular activities. She must be a leader and not be afraid to be challeged, or to doubt herself, or pushed, stressed, possibly depressed, afraid of diversity, and she definitely cannot need the constant presence of testosterone.


A female from a wealthy background, who is career orientated but likes to socialize a lot.


studious, focused, female


A woman who is academicly oriented, passionate, community-involved and focused


Someone who is gay, someone who is wealthy, someone who likes nature and suburban areas, someone who has a very good work ethic, and someone who is ok being on an isolated same sex campus


Anyone who is self-motivated, enjoys learning, and wants to grow. Applicants should also be comfortable in an all-female environment.


One who is a hard worker and (prefereably) who enjoys that aspect of life.


Wellesley students are very driven and take their academics very seriously, but it's important to be able to maintain balance. There are a ton of things going on on campus all the time and it's really easy to get off campus into Boston, so it can be hard to pick between clubs, classes, parties, and other opportunities. You have to be able to work hard and still make time for fun so you can remain sane!


smart, intellectually engaging, liberal

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