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Wesley College is unique to other schools I considered because the students here are very diverse along with the faculty. Also the classrooms are set up in a small size so every student has the help that they need.


The thing in which i would have to say that is unique about my school would have to be the fsct that the professor are so nice and easy to talk too. The professor are also always going out of there way to help their student in the best way that they can. The fact that the professor know if of their students on a first name bases, and speak to you when seeing you in the hall as well as in the classroom.


the eviroment of the school feel like high school because of the population of students attending the school. the town shows a lot of support and loves during sporting events. The relationship between the teacher and their students are friendly, both the teacher and the student can caontact each other either through email or cell phone for information about the class.


Although located in downtown Dover, DE it really has a small town atmoshere about the campus and it is conveniently located to stores and entertainment.


The unique thing about this school is everyone knows almost everyone. its a small school were all the students share the same teachers,resources, and interest. everybody gets along with all the different background, which is something i did not expect when i first came here


The class sizes at Wesley are about 12-25 students in each. It makes learning more student oriented and no one is left behind.


Very diverse environment where all students can be comfortable around each other, regardles of sex, race, orientation, ethnicity, and age.


its religious ties to the methodist church...very strong presence on campus