Wesley College Top Questions

What are the academics like at Wesley College?

Alainna Caitlyn

My major is English-Writing Concentration. English has two others concentrations, Second Education and Literary Studies. For each major, there are options for teaching and the Education department is a popular major on campus, alongside Nursing and the Sciences. We are a liberal arts college but the sciences sort of outshine us. My favorite class I've had has to be Creative Writing with Dr. Maxson. It was a workshop where we shared poetry and fiction with other people in the class with feedback and I loved it. Class participation, at least in my major, can often be part of the grading scale. In Dr. Clack's classes, participation is key and in the Media Arts classes the same. Students aren't really competitive. There are some that are 'know it alls' and comment when they don't need to but for the most part if you have an idea shout it out. Alot of professors encourage office hours. I'm involved with three departments : English, Media Arts and Music. For English, I always go to Dr. Clack's office hours. Spending a few minutes with him will show that you care and up your grade. For Media Arts, Mr. Greto basically requires that you see him to edit your essays together and for the most part is close to all of his students. For Music, if I have a question or concern about my part in a song, I can always ask someone in the building.