Wesley College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Alainna Caitlyn

Smaller club events are better at Wesley in my opinion. Big events like Wishfest, Homecoming, the Block Party, and many of the Greek sponsored events are too big and get too wild. We have over 40 organizations on campus and each of them have their own meetings and events. It's better to go to SGA (Student Government Association) and see what clubs are available. The most popular groups on campus are Speak, the poetry club, BSU (Black Student Union), Safe Wesley, and IMPACT Ministry. For Greek Life, the biggest greeks are Alpha Phi Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi Omega. Sports teams are big too and often have their own houses and parties like Alpha Phi Delta. I'm involved in a few groups and I'm president of Campus of the Nerds which is very small but we have a close knit group. The dating scene at Wesley is varied. Since I'm hopeful, I always say you can find someone but it seems like Wesley guys are generally stereotypes of modern boys: selfish, cheating, noncommittal, rude, always out for one thing, or totally blind to anything going on in the world. The best thing I can tell anyone is to make friends (guys and girls) and just keep an open mind and open eyes. You might find someone worthwhile. I met all my first friends at events, because when I was a freshman I went to every event there was to go too. It worked. I met Sam, and then Cydnie, Tiana, Crystal, Emily and from there Leah, Anthony and Thomas. It got bigger and hanging out outside of my room worked with meeting people. My sophomore year we had a dedicated group in the hangout spot called The Den. I would go in the morning, hangout and eat breakfast, leave my stuff there for my classes, come back and someone would still be there. We made our biggest plans in the Den. We would head back to someones room and watch a movie, go out to the mall or dinner. It's something I really miss. I didn't party my freshmen year. Honestly, I had one beer the entire year and I didn't like it. But that changed my sophomore year, after some emotional and eye opening experiences. Leah, Jose, Brandon and I, would drink in his room. It wasn't until the middle of sophomore year that we even went out to parties. I would say back in those days, people would party every weekend. Now that I'm entering my senior year, I'd have to say it depends. Most people drink in someone else's room, instead of go out. And the houses for parties are more scattered than they were. The one place that almost always has a party is the APD house. It's changed and they don't have any alcohol, but if you can manage to get your own, you can still go to the APD house. The one of the few houses that lets anyone in. On Saturday night there are no activities, zilch. Either you leave campus, go to a party, or stay in your room, there is nothing scheduled for you to do. However, if you have friends, you can always hang out and have fun by yourself. There have been many nights where it was too cold or we had no money to go out, so we got some games, watched some movies and had fun. Off campus, there's the downtown area which is nice for walking. The Mall and the stores are up the street and there's plenty of places to shop. Obviously, its not the best area but people with cars can go to Christiana Mall, Newark De (which has an amazing college town) or Rehobeth Beach.