Westwood College-Annandale Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College has been the best experience of my life. I am 19 years old and I strive for everything that I want even at an early stage in my education. I am a semester ahead of my class and I have already landed 2 internships with Clear Channel Radio and Tallahassee Democrate. College has helped me realize what I want for my life and has matured me in so many ways. I know what I want to do and I am going to do it. College has made me an ambitious women, a go-getter and a leader. Attending college broadens my knowledge and gives me the capability to help and eduacate others. College is not only a school, but a life changing experience.


The biggiest asset ive been able to take away from my college experience has litterally been the ability to discover and what the term success truely means. For awile I came to school because I believed it was the next step in life, because I had to go. Now I come to school to grow personally, but that trade and passion doesnt only remain in the classroom. A man by the name of Jim Rohn, who was recommended to me by a professor I had my freshman year, has truely changed my life. When I started school I had no idea what i wanted to do. Ive been all across the board, from a education k-12 major, to photography. I just never felt inspired, it seemed so wrong until I took sometime to reflect on what it is that intrigues me most, what I spent most of my time browsing and reading about. Then it clicked, the funimentals of life are what I interested me, molecular biology, I was just too scared to think I could ever become a "doctor". Now I am on my way, and its not the finishline that drives me, its the entire journey there.


College has been a great experience so far. I have gotten a great education that you can receive only if you attend college. It has not been easy though. Going to college is a decision that I made because I want to further my education. It requires hard work, studying, studying and more studying. I have learned that I have to put my time into everything I do that involves my college work. It's ok to socialize or go out every once in a while. However, I know that without hard work nothing will get accomplished. Through my college experience, I know that it's very valuable to attend. I value my education to the fullest. Having a high school diploma isn't enough for me. I would rather go to college than be a bum on the streets or flip burgers for minimum wage. There's no success behind that lifestyle. As for me, attending college is required and not optional. Noone can tell me that I won't not mount to anything because I know I will. Some say college is hard. However, college taught me that if you put your best foot forward, anything's possible.


My college experience has allowed me to be more social, professional, and on point when studying for exams,quizes, and exc. College has helped me become more of a detail oriented person, time managed , and self motivator.


Don't waste your time getting D's and C's. Strive to get all A's by utilizing all resources available to you. Take advantage of tutoring, online help and extra credit work. Participate in volunteer work that is meaningful to you. Not only will this enable you to make your resume look great but it will also make your body, soul and heart feel great. Take the time to pick your professors brain. Subscribe to journals and publications about your major. Last but not least study, study, study! Thank You.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself in High School Senior year I would tell myself to stay in school. I would sit down and tell myself College life is a hard transition, but it's worth the experience. Going to college and knowing what and how to do things to better yourself makes you want to achieve better things. Once you're in college you realize what you can become and when you graduate you can help your little brother to get into a University and family with any financial problem. Being the middle child you are your brothers role model, make yourself a better person. Have your older brother and younger brother say they want a better life and want to get a Bachelor or Master Degree. Show them that no matter what life brings you it's important to take care of yourself first and then help others. Senior year is hard for you as your family is going through many depression with a loss of a loved one, but you can't help everybody and make them better. In order to better somebody else you need to better yourself.