Whittier College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe that the best thing about my school are the people that surround school grounds. It is a positive envirnoment and you always feel secure. The best part about it is that you can be getting an education and feel completely safe at all times.


The library is the best thing, it is clean and has a nice atmosphere.


The sense of community. Students are more than willing to help other students out and are curious about new students. Friendships are not hard to come by at Whittier.


The best thing about my school is that, not only is it small because it is private, but it is its own community. As soon as one enters the campus, one automatically feels at home. It contains a very welcoming environment full of life and at peace. Therefore those students who come from international and even those who just come from a few cities away or just down the street, do not get as homesick as if they chose to attend a different school with a complete different environment than Whittiers.


IThe best thing about my school is the fact that almost all students are familiar with a large portion of the student body. Since we attend a private school, our classes are no bigger than 80 to 100 students, which allows us to interact and actually become familiar with majority of the students, versus larger universities where most classes will not know more than a few people in there enormous class.


The professors because they are always willing to help and most importantly, they are always available.


Without any doubt, the professors are the best thing about my school. Most are passionate, extraordinarily intelligent, and interesting people who care about what they're teaching and who they're teaching it to. They're good at teaching, but when's class over, most are happy to talk to students about anything and everything. They are easy to access, and flexible with regards to addressing anything the student has trouble with. The professors make the learning experience here far more enriched and interesting; from cracking jokes to standing on tables, there's hardly a dull class to be found.