Willamette University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for its difficult classes and liberal education while maintaining small class size.


Willamette is known for its rigorous classes and its ambitious and high acheiving students. It is also known for having a great music program.

Mele Ana

When Finals come around, Goudy (the cafeteria) has midnight breakfast. It's all free and it's a great chance to hang out with everybody before it's time to take your tests :)


Rigorous academics


Willamette University is known for its commitment to excellence in academics. It has a large music program that caters to all mainstream instruments; it has a lot to offer in social sciences fields; and it is committed to leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible. Sustainability is a major aspect of life at Willamette.


Willamette's known for its status as the second most sustainable university in America (1st place goes to an Amish school on the East Coast) and for its music school and graduate schools.


My school is best known for being the oldest university in the west, and for the rich history of traditions that come with this title.


Willamette is known for its environmental sustainability focus. Indeed, the whole campus takes part in this campaign, from the cafeterias to the classrooms. Also, Willamette is often seen by the attending student body as the secondary and more affordable choice to larger, elite, semi-Ivy League schools of the East Coast and California. Hence the student body consists of intelligent and disciplined individuals who have specific career goals in mind, and a general sense of how their education will help them succeed.


My school is best known for it's science and law/government programs. It has excellent, challenging science programs with many opportunities for undergraduate students. Being located in the Willamette Valley means there are many nearby options for conducting scientific research. In terms of law programs, the school is located in Salem, Oregon's state capital. In fact, the capital building is directly across the street from the school and there are many government agencies located nearby, providing students who are interested in government with many opportunities to explore and work within their field of interest.


We are best known for our attention to diversity awareness and care for the environment.


The friendy atmosphere, the small class sizes, and the amazingly available professors who always care about you both as a student and as a person.


The first university in the West - and our football coach. He has no hands and he's a pretty great coach. We also have a clock-tower whose time does not agree with itself and the Bistro, a 22-year old student-founded student-run coffeeshop. Also, the Bike Shop and Cycling Club, both student-founded and -run organizations that encourage cycling for sustainability, fitness, strength and honor.


Excellent academics, pretty campus, friendly campus, Tokyo International University of America. Good study abroad


Probably academic excellence.


being a small, tight but welcoming community. strenuous academics. rather liberal.