Willamette University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we are all hippies. We do have a fair amount of hippies and hipsters actually but we have a pretty diverse student body. There is always some one who is different and cool to meet.


Willamette Student tend to be very liberal, and there are a lot of new age hippies, because there is a strong focus on sustainability.


hippies/ hipsters/ wealthy caucasian students


hippies, or up-tight politics students,


They are all liberal, hipsters, and white.


Funny, Willamette is about as unsteretyped as any place I've been. Lots of different kinds of people from different places and backgrounds with lots of different ideas and opinions about everything. It's a great mix and makes for cool conversations about just about anything.


Honestly, there's too many different people at Willamette to have a stereotype. We thrive as a community because everyone brings something unique to the table.