Williams College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that enjoys the outdoors, is academically driven, and likes small towns.


The successful Williams student must be academically motivated and may feel out of place if he or she does not have a strong extracurricular interest to pursue (but that can be anything from varsity squash to theatre to a cappella). He or she should also be willing to get involved and not afraid to put his or herself out there and meet new people and try new things, both socially and academically--that's what liberal arts is all about!


Athlete. Smart. Driven. Enjoys small rural campus and community.


Students at Williams tend to be open to new intellectual and academic experiences; they are also focused on their studies and work very hard--if you enjoy doing this, if you actually love learning and find it rewarding and enriching, then you will fit right in--in fact, you'll find the whole campus an exciting community of people who are incredibly diverse but have a share passion for learning.


Students who are motivated to work hard, but also able to be flexible and open-minded. You will meet all sorts of people with a great variety of backgrounds and viewpoints, and during your years at Williams, your own perspectives will be challenged by your peers, faculty, community members, and by your own experiences. Williams students are also adventurous, willing to strike out into unknown territory and learn from their mistakes.