Williams College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Striving to get that A grade. The workload is managable, but very difficult to accomplish. The common gripe is that there is no actual freetime and that we go insane during the weeks approaching finals. On the one hand, I came to be challenged, so I'm not exactly complaining (this isn't, after all, every day of my life). But you have to learn early on that you can't expect to excell all that easily.


The most frustrating thing about school is that students seem to be effortlessly perfect.


The lack of parties/social scene on the weekends (and I am involved with groups that throw social events on campus). The administration has made it very difficult for students to have parties, in part due to the fact that there seems to be an excessive amount of binge drinking on campus. The student motto is to work hard, play hard.


It is a bit isolated and small sometimes. It helps when you need to focus on your work, but it can also be frustrating.


Can't think of anything frustrating.


Money, cold weather, being in the middle of nowhere


The most frustrating thing about my school is dealing with the financial aid office. They are not very helpful or sympathetic, and act as if your financial aid money is coming out of their pockets!