Williams College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Williams College is the community that extends far beyond the school. I felt accepted as soon as I arrived, but there was more. I toured with my a cappella group over winter break, and we sang at a restaurant owned by an alum. After providing us with free meals, he told us that if we ever had any questions about the restaurant business, or life after college in general, he'd be more than happy to help. That's the community fostered by Williams, and that's the community I'm proud to be part of.


Ironically (considering my most frustrating thing that I listed), I would say the intellectual atmosphere. That's not to say there aren't some frustrating and non-progressive-thinking people here. But, since my school is a liberal arts college, the arts and abstract thought, concepts that are important to your daily life as a human being of intellect and character, are focused on. At the same time, being a liberal arts college doesn't mean the exclusion of the sciences and mathematics either. Many of the professors are fantastic. Lastly, the discussion is always progressive and forward looking.


Despite the fact that Williams is considered a small school, it certainly packs a punch. Everything you could ever want out of a college experience is here: diversity, culture, athletics, and intellectual engagement. It really is a gateway school, a place where you can thoroughly explore all aspects of yourself and the world around you before moving on to the outside world.


There is a very strong focus on the students. There are countless learning resources and all the professors are dedicated solely to the students.


It's a really tight-knit community, and that doesn't end after graduation.


It is a wonderful community that you are a part of for life. I graduated one year ago and everywhere I go, when I meet fellow Ephs, there is an instant kinship. Besides the education which is the best you can find anywhere, the Williams community is a beautiful thing.


I'm learning so much, and I know I will be successful after graduating from here.


The people--the student body is a smart and happy group, all people I enjoy interacting with. It's also set in a beautiful little enclave, which is comfortably sheltered while still being in touch with whats going on in the real world (if you want to be). The accessibility to resources from libraries to professors to research facilities to amazing art museums is really special, and the lovely Berkshire surroundings make it impossible not to participate in outdoor activities. It's the kind of school where you know everybody really well and thats a good thing.


The academic quality of the student body.


The people are here motivated, kind, and caring people who care about those around them as well as the enviornment/coutnry in which they live.