Winona State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I've only attended my university for a semester, but the best thing I have noticed so far is how flexible and accomodating my professors have been. I eneded up getting a concussion and having to post-pone my finals and all them upon explanation were extremely understanding and all, with no trouble, have allowed me to take my finals at a later date yet to be determined. This experience really told me that they cared about my success as a student and a person in general.


The best thing about Winona State University is how well students get to know their professors. Professors teach a lot of different classes in teir field so students are able to get to know them both as people and as graders. Another great part about Winona State is that the class sizes are small so each student is able to get one on one help, and professors actually know their students by name.


The best thing about Winona State University has to be the people here. Ever since day one here at Winona, I have met so many great people that has helped me out one way or another, whether it is asking for directions to go to class or just asking for their names and getting to know them better.


Winona was a beautiful campus in a cute town. It was nice to escape the pressures of school with a walk around the lake, or a hike in the bluffs. There was quite a bit of beauty to be seen and inspiration to be found while enjoying the surrounding enviroment.


The campus. Everything is mainly on main campus, cafeteria, Integrated Wellness Center, dorms and classes. We have west campus which has dorms, cafeteria and some classes are held there. The campus is so pretty and it's close the downtown and the lakes. The professors are also very helpful, you won't always have a nice professor, but most of them like to help.


It is hard to pick just thing about Winona State University to be my favorite. Maybe it is the small classroom size that allows every student to do their best and the professors that will go out of their way to make sure you do well. Maybe it is the small town atmosphere where you meet friends on the way to class everyday, but still meet new people every day as well. Or just maybe it is the endless opportunities to make myself a better person each and every day! I will never be able to pick just one reason.


The best thing about my school I think is the opportunites it allows the students to get involved in, having it be studying abroad, joining a club or interning at the place of your choosing. There are so many ways to put your foot in the door of something new and exciting. Definitely all the places you can go to that will help you with your major is the best thing about my school.


I am currently a Music Education major and so far, I'm loving it. There are no instructors, and all of the professors have their PhDs, so you get the best possible source for your information and learning. The professors are very passionate about what they teach and they are also very fun. They also take the time to get to know you when you pass by them in the hallways. So the best thing about my school are my professors


I wuld say the best thing about Winona State University is the time that professors put into their students. Most are easy to reach and willing to work with any student on issues that they might be facing. I also think that the supplemental instruction which is offered by former students is great because is gives students another reenforcement to their learning.


The campus, it's small but usefull, easy to find your way around, and beautiful. There is one of every type of tree found in Minnesota on campus.