Yeshiva University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Honestly it's the food. They really don't give us enough for growing adults. Furthermore, it's not the most healthiest selection either. If there are people who want to stay healthy, I might need to shop somewhere else. They also don't have alot of variety and some of the food is extremely weird. Someone must've been drinking or smoking a lot when they came up with the menu.


The most frustrating thing about Y.U. is the lack of parking. Except for parents visiting on weekends, when they can get parking for free, parking can be a real hassle - especially because once you finally find a space on the street, because of New York street cleaning, you have to move your car twice a week. With that said, you don't need a car. New York City transportation takes you ANYWHERE you want to go at a low price, and the school operates a free shuttle to the other campus in Midtown Manhattan in the afternoon and evening.


The weather and the fact that presently there are some budget cuts that at times affect student non-academic related activities.


Small math and physics department


It's not co-ed, it's in the neighborhood where crack was invented (i.e. one of the worst areas in NY). I have a dual curriculum which translates to taking 9 classes each semester, attending class from 9 am till 8pm, while only receiving 17 credits. There is no social life on campus, you must go out to have a good time. Girls aren't allowed in dorms. Most of the students fit a sterotypical mold.