Describe a day on campus you’ll never forget.

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College Students Answered:

Describe a day on campus you’ll never forget.
Jennifer Campbell

A day I won’t forget on campus, is the support from my little brother. I take a course for public speaking, anytime I had to present a speech he had me practice anywhere, this really helped ignore the distraction around me. I felt awkward practicing in the gaming room but he reminded me practice makes perfect

Clanisha Coleman

I remember being a part of the dance team, and I was a majorette dancer. We held a fundraising event and we were selling food, snacks and apparel on campus to help our band in fees and performances. I remember dancing and seeing everyone dancing with us and talking. It was so much fun because everyone was socializing and bonding.

Roderick Kea

It would have to be student orientation. I could never forget what I saw. I’m serious when I say this, freshman orientation looked like the United Nations formed into a private university; It was intimidating yet exciting at the same time. I’ll never forget it. My first winter carnival was also something that sticks with me. I love this university.

Amanda Jarrell

Some friends and I were sitting in the student center watching television when the mascot to the Jacksonville Jaguars came rolling into the building on a Segway. He went to a couple of the other rooms and then wheeled over to where we were. He changes the channel on the television and messes with the volume to mess around. After waving at everyone, he tried to fix the channel to where we had it but couldn’t figure the television out. So he turns the power off, turns to us, waves, and wheels out of the building. One never knows what they are going to see on campus.

Sasha Crawl

The first time I attended college, I was nervous because college was new to me and I did not know what to expect from the college, or, what the college expected from me. In class on my first day, I had to introduce myself to the class. When I said my name, everyone in the class told me how nice my name was. Everybody made me feel welcomed and that I will never forget.