What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

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What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

Scott White
Director of Guidance Montclair High School

What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

Use it to experience the social life of the school and visit classes.

William Chichester

What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

If you can help it, don't do it. From a recruiter's point of view, online schools don't carry the same weight as a traditional four year institution. Your experiences will obviously be different too. In my opinion, if the school that you attend cannot place you in a job, it's not worth the money.

王文君 June Scortino
President IVY Counselors Network

Open House

Colleges offer open house to accepted students. Overnight staying is one of the options for students. you should ask for the right place to stay and ask for night events on campus.

Erin Avery
Certified Educational Planner Avery Educational Resources, LLC

Information Mining!

Is the campus safe to walk day or night? Are the dorms/campus "dry"? Do students support the athletic teams and attend games? How late are libraries open? Who has been your favorite professor and why? How does the housing monopoly work? Are you guaranteed four years of housing? Why did you decide to attend this college? What do you know now about the college that you couldn't have known before you arrived in September?

Nancy Milne
Owner Milne Collegiate Consulting

Nighttime impressions

Overnight stays are a wonderful way to get a feel for the campus, beyond the classroom. After a full day of classes, students need to chill and this is a perfect time to get your questions answered. Find out if folks stick around on the weekend, observe how quiet/noisy the dorm. Does the campus feel busy in the evening, what is everyone doing: studying, exercising, goofing around, etc. I'm always curious what other schools people considered before they chose this one and how they made their decision. If student/faculty interactions are important, ask. If community service opportunities are important, ask. The student hosting you for the evening was in your shoes a year ago, they volunteered to host you, they get it; so make the most of the time and ask away!

Helen H. Choi
Owner Admissions Mavens

What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

During an overnight stay, you will be around many current students attending school there so you can really get the inside scoop! Here are some questions to consider asking: 1. are you glad that you decided to come here? 2. what aspects of the school didn't meet your expectations? 3. what aspects of the school exceeded your expectations? 4. what do you wish you could change about your school? 5. what are you looking forward to doing this school year? I would also really recommend that you observe the living habits of the students around you. Do they seem to focus at lot on studying? Partying? Socializing? Working? What's the atmosphere? Casual? Happy? Intense? Staying overnight can be very eye-opening for high school seniors! However, remember that you are there for less than 24 hours so while you can get a glimpse of a school's community -- it's only a snap shot.

Reecy Aresty
College Admissions/Financial Aid Expert & Author Payless For College, Inc.

What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

Is this a typical night in the dorm, or do other things happen I'd be surprised to see?


What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?


Ronald Harris

What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

What’s your favorite part about being at this college? - What wrong with this college? - How do you like your dorm and dorm room? What do you like most about your dorm? - What's your dorm's personality? - Is it easy to study in the dorms or are there lots of disruptions? - Is it easy to find stuff to do in the dorms? Are there lots of activities? - Is there a lot of partying that goes on? If so, is it easy to find people that do other things besides partying? - What is the one thing that students complain about most? - Is there a lot to do on-campus on the weekends? Like what? - Do you go into town frequently? How often and how do you get there? - Are there lots of places to get food that are close to the campus? Is it easy to get there? How often do you go? - Are there on-campus places to get food that are close to the dorms? - Are the professors/teachers nice and friendly? - How difficult are the classes? - Are students helpful to one another, or is it so competitive that students are cut-throat to earn the top grades on tests and assignments? - How many hours per week do you study?

Tyler Burton
President Burton College Tours

What are some questions you should ask on an overnight stay?

The students that you will be staying with will be at a different point in their lives than you are. They are already in college. They may have a social life that is unfamiliar to you and they are accustom to college academics. Remember this when you ask questions because if your have never been on a college campus overnight or if you don't have older siblings who are currently in college their answers may seem intimidating or just sound like something you have never considered. Take it in stride. Do trust your feelings, if you rather hang out with the film club or read a good book on a Friday evening and the entire campus seems devoted to bringing down the walls then compute that into your good fit calculation. Ask about their study habits, weekend social life, clubs they belong to, favorite activities, best part of dorm life, what to bring to college and what to leave at home.