What are the best ways to land an internship?

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What are the best ways to land an internship?

Tyler Burton
President Burton College Tours

Use on campus resources

The career center on campus is the first place to begin. It is important to learn how to use the career center. Establish a relationship with the counselors there and they will help guide you through an internship search, resume writing and interview coaching. You should also visit with your academic advisor and head of the department that you are majoring in. They may have inside information or direct contacts. You can merge both resources which will be valuable practice in the art of bringing together a networking platform. These skills will be practice for your post graduation job search.

Megan Dorsey
SAT Prep & College Advisor College Prep LLC

Treat Your Search & Interview As If It Were A Job

No matter which field of study you choose, an internship can be invaluable. You gain practical work experience in your chosen field and get a foot in the door of a company you may someday wish to work for. Here are some tips to land that internship. 1.) Begin with your college or university. Check with the placement office as well as your academic department. 2.) Research online. 3.) Be willing to go abroad. Some internships are open to international students with the proper qualifications. 4.) Treat your internship as you would a real job. Prepare yourself for your interview. Research the position and company and whether or not you are being paid for your internship, put your best foot forward.

Reecy Aresty
College Admissions/Financial Aid Expert & Author Payless For College, Inc.

What are the best ways to land an internship?

With a great LOR (Letter Of Recommendation). It's also important to realize that who you know is often vastly more important than what you know!

Kristina Dooley
Independent Educational Consultant Estrela Consulting

What are the best ways to land an internship?

There are several ways to locate an internship. The first place to check is the Career Services office at your university. When employees are seeking interns they generally share this information with the folks in the Career Services offices. Another option to is to contact specific employers directly. If you already know you'd love to intern at XYZ Inc. then you should first check their website to see if they have any internships available. If not, don't hesitate to reach out to them directly by sending your resume and a cover letter indicating your interest in an internship at their company. You never know what might be available until you ask!

Tira Harpaz
Founder CollegeBound Advice

What are the best ways to land an internship?

Ask your parents and your teachers if they know of someone you could send your resume to. If you're a college student, use all the resources available in your college career center. Go online and research internships and submit resumes to ones that look interesting. See if anyone who attended your college has a job at a company you would like to work at and reach out to that person. Keep plugging away and don't get discouraged.

Rebecca Joseph
Executive Director & Founder getmetocollege.org

What are the best ways to land an internship?

First, start with who you know. Family friends and relatives can help you find internships. You can also check with your school. A number of organizations will contact your school or city with internships. Finally, contact organizations or groups on your own. Many are eagerly awaiting your assistance. Be persistant. Be creative.

Benjamin Caldarelli
Partner Princeton College Consulting, LLC

What are the best ways to land an internship?

While there are internship possibilities almost anywhere, one of the best ways to land a quality internship is to be in a city that has a significant amount available. Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, and LA are where you will find the most and best internships. Then use all your networking powers to make contact with people who may be able to help. Take advantage of your college career services office which may maintain employers and individuals who are interested in recruiting students from your school. Alumni can be very helpful. Also use any personal family contacts to make connections. There are many print and online resources that can also guide you toward places and people who want interns and have quality programs. While a personal introduction is always best, a well written letter can do wonders.

Laura O'Brien Gatzionis
Founder Educational Advisory Services

What are the best ways to land an internship?

Visit your college's career and counseling office to get leads on possible internships in your field--both during the school year and during summertime. Establish relationships with your professors who have contacts in the field and who may be willing to recommend you for internships with their colleagues.

Nancy Milne
Owner Milne Collegiate Consulting

What are the best ways to land an internship?

There are a number of ways to secure an internship. Some campuses have an office dedicated to just this task. Other schools leave it up to the faculty to help make the connections for students. There is nothing to keep you from using family, friends, or other contacts to create something on your own; just be certain you get approval from the college.

็Ž‹ๆ–‡ๅ› June Scortino
President IVY Counselors Network

career placement center

each college has career placement center, some department has internship posting services. parents can also be the best resources for internship. students can seek complany website for internship opportunity.