What are the strongest ballet departments?

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What are the strongest ballet departments?

Frank Don
Partner East West College Counseling LLP

If not a conservatory...

Having known students who have studied at the Royal Ballet, the Paris Conservatoire and in St. Petersburg, I would suggest in the US the consideration of the following schools: University of Utah, Butler, Dickinson, Indiana University, Skidmore, Dominican, Point Park, among various other colleges and universities.

Pamela Hampton-Garland
Owner Scholar Bound

Ballet Departments with UMPH!!!!!

Check out Univ. of Utah which has a strong West Coast program, Indiana University which is also highly regarded and finally consider looking at the "Performing Arts Major's College Book" it will give you additional insight into specific programs related to your area of ballet rathar than a general overview.

Diane Coburn Bruning
choreographer/counselor in performing arts College Match, Inc, Performing Arts Specialist

Excellent ballet dance departments in Universities or Colleges

The majority of College/University Dance Departments have a strong modern focus or a split focus of modern and ballet (some have two separate departments) or modern and ethnic or jazz, etc. There are relatively few which strongly focus on ballet as their primary dance form with modern, jazz, ethnic, and others as secondary. Among the very strongest and most competitive departments focusing strongly on ballet are Butler University, Indiana University (Ballet Department), University of Utah (Ballet Department), and University of Cincinnati with others including University of Oklahoma, SMU, Point Park University, TCU , Mercyhurst, University of Arizona and a newer program with Alonzo King Lines Ballet/Dominican University. Within a conservatory setting, Juilliard is traditionally considered modern-based but they have an outstanding faculty and training in ballet and are undoubtedly the strongest Dance Department in the country. Other strong conservatory programs that have excellent ballet training are the Hartt School, NCSA, and New World School of the Arts.

JoAnne Ellsworth

Go West!

The University of Utah has the oldest ballet department west of the Mississippi River. The University of Utah is linked directly to Ballet West, the region's premier dance theatre. You may know that Salt Lake City was recently home to the Olymic Games and because of that, the city is modern and thriving. If you are a snow skier, this is the campus where you can dance, ski, and study and be just 20 minutes from your campus dorm.

Jonathan Dunn
Director Creative College Counseling, LLC

What are the strongest ballet departments?

University of Hartford/Hartt School, Indiana University, Butler University, Boston Conservatory, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University, and Juilliard. These are certainly not the only ballet programs, but these are some of the strongest. Gaining admission to these programs is difficult!

Laura Owen

What are the strongest ballet departments?

Well that depends on what you are looking for. There are many groups (US News and World Report, Princeton Review, Forbes) that will give you rankings, but it is important to look at the indicators for the rankings. For instance the following schools get high rankings but for different reasons: Presitige - The Julliard School, New York City One of the oldest performing programs- Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas Highly ranked by Choreographers - Oklahoma City University What are you looking for? Size of school, location (urban, suburban, distance from home), commitment to major field, college values, demographics of student body, college clubs and activities available, selectivity, financial support, etc. Have you visited the school and talked with faculty and students about the program? All of these things are important considerations when choosing an institution of study.

Laura O'Brien Gatzionis
Founder Educational Advisory Services

Which is the best ballet department for you?

Just like other questions about the best colleges, you need to determine what your requirements are in deciding which are the best programs for you personally. Look at the faculty (training, teaching styles and affiliations). Where are the alumni working? Are they dancing professionally? Are they teaching and if so, where? Research and learn about performance opportunities. What are the audition requirements for the ballet program? Who were the guest artists in recent years? Look at the course offerings and become familiar with the requirements. Finally, visit the campus. Can you arrange to participate in a ballet class or at least observe one? Connect with and speak to current dance majors.

Ryan John
School Counselor Bethlehem High School

What are the strongest ballet departments?

Some colleges/universities with strong dance-ballet departments are Indiana University, Butler University, Smith College in Massachusetts, SUNY Purchase, University of Utah, Julliard, Ohio University, Brigham Young University.

John DeLorey

Strongest Ballet Departments in Alpha Order

American Ballet Center, Joffrey Ballet School Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education Julliard Milwaukee Ballet School Nutmeg Ballet

Tracy Jackson
Coordinator Virginia Beach City Public Schools

What are the strongest ballet departments?

Where are the strongest ballet departments? Some of the media says Columbia, Johns Hopkins, UPenn and Duke. Others say Julliard, Butler or Boston Conservatory, Since data, placement and retention rates change annually, I would suggest looking for those BFA programs with high placement rates after graduation. When searching, look to see how large programs are? How many did they accept? How many stay in the program? Lastly, what are the ballet company placement rates post graduation? If you cannot find this information on the internet...call, call, call!