Adventist University of Health Sciences Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are so nice, caring, beneficial, helpful, understanding, honest, loyal; they love to have fun but at the same time study really hard and we hold study groups which is very beneficial; along with making others smile they understand how hard nursing school is and we all push each other towards our goal to achieve our dreams no matter how tough it is ; my classmates are hardworkers and I cant wait until we all hold RN jobs in the future its a great school to go to because of the nice classmates I have at Florida Hospital College


The first time I began attending classes at Florida Hospital College, I was extremely shy and uncertain. I quickly grew out of that when I realized that my classmates were open with one another and they also interacted well with each other and the teacher. I had many people show me around the campus to get aqquainted with my surroundings and working in groups was so much easier now that it was in highschool!


My classmates are extremley helpful and egar to help eachother.


My classmates are helpful at times but very caring.


Seventh Day Advents


Majority of my classmates are friendly, career driven individuals who usually don't mind helping out a friend if needed.


They are mature indivuals that have their eye on the prize.


The students are very diverse in religion, culture,etc.


Students vary in age and everyone seems to want to help each other.


Helpful, Encouraging, Easy to talk to, Enjoyable.


my classmates are great we are like one big happy family


I don't have any classmates because I am enrolled in online courses.