Adventist University of Health Sciences Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how much money the program was going to cost me and th efact that I am unable to get all of the loans that I need.


I wish prior to this school I had know that the previous school I went to did not have the accredidation for my classes to transfer. As a result I will have to take some courses over. This is a frustrating situation, it make the financial situation more difficult. I am a single income singel parent.


How much the tuition would be, The graduation rate dropped and wasnt posted on the website, also that nursing students have to buy a school laptop which was $1298 VERY EXPENSIVE!!, in addition how much books would be, how much uniforms would be, that this school did tutoring which is beneficial, that the school had a lake to sit at very nice to study by, that the hospital is right behind the college, that you get a discount at the hospital cafeteria but not the school cafeteria, wasnt on campus parking its off-campus


I basically found out everything there is to know about this school before I came . I was fully prepared.


The parking situation was closer to the main campus. Housing was better situated on campus.


to apply earlier.. this school has been eyond amazin and helpful. really geat experiences and definenetly not a waste of time


I was well prepared before attending the college