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The best thing about Agnes, in my opinion, is our small student to faculty ratio. This was a big factor for me when I was looking at schools to apply to. I love that my professors know me by name and that many of them take the time to get to know their students. The size of Agnes is just right, for me, it's small enough where my professors know me, I know my neighbors and chances are I have a class with someone else who is on my hall. It's nice walking to class and being able to say hi to someone you know! Our small size allows us to function as a unique community, that's one thing I noticed right away during my first campus visit. It's interesting to hear other peoples opinions about Agnes, from people who know the school I typically get, "Wow! That's a really great College!" or "I know so-and-so do you know them? She loves it there." From people who are unfamiliar with Agnes I usually hear, "Agnes Scott College? That sounds like a girls school. You go to school with ALL girls?" but after explaining a few things such as "Yes I go to an all womens liberal arts college etc." People want to know more and think it's a really neat place... which it is! Another wonderful thing about Agnes is its location. We are so close to Atlanta and we have a great little town that is walkable. Decatur square isn't a college town but it isn't a ghost town, it's just awesome. It has fantastic restaurants, neat bars, great places to get froyo, coffee and cool little cafes to study in. Not to mention the fun shops, the wonderful yoga studio, the farmers market, and the MARTA train and bus station. And of course all the essential, CVS, Kroger and a variety of banks. The square is also home to quite a few neat Decatur annual events, they hold a book fair, live music and so much more! Lastly, I really like our administration. Our administration puts a lot of thought into, "how will this benefit the students." They love student input. They often invite students to participate as a student representative in various committees, they even have a few students sit-in on the meetings with the board of trustees which is quite unique. Our administration also uses surveys to gain student input as well. The administrators at Agnes are also well known people on campus, they attend many of the students events, and President Kiss invites students to her home and tries to learn everyones name!


I love Agnes Scott. I know every day when I walk around campus that I made the right decision. When I was choosing between different colleges I weighed a lot of factors. What I realized when I was making my final decision was that I had to first and foremost make myself happy. I know a lot of prospective students, like myself senior year, are really afraid of disappointing friends or family, but just trust what you feel when you walk away from your visit. It’s so cliché, but if it’s the right school you’ll know. I think the size and location of Agnes Scott are huge benefits of the school. I went to a high school that was at least three times as large, and the intimate feeling of knowing the faces you see around campus everyday makes every space feel like home. On the other side of that, Atlanta is easily the best college town I could ever imagine. Campus is small and cozy, but you can escape from that atmosphere and explore all the museums, malls, parks, concerts, and restaurants that the big city offers. Decatur is also a really fun area that makes not having a car not a problem—you can walk to most store you’d need as a student or you can take MARTA and get just about anywhere around Atlanta easily. One thing any student will tell you is that you need to be proactive when it comes to your own social life. Agnes Scott is not a big party school, and no one is going to come to your dorm on a Friday and drag you out and about. BUT if you just try a little, you’ll find that between the multiple other campuses in the area and the booming nightlife of a major city, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW TO DO! There are a lot of concerns that boys are impossible to come by, but don’t worry about that at all! Between Georgia Tech, Emory, Morehouse, and Georgia State, boys are always there if you want them and most of them are pretty fond of Agnes Scott girls.