AI Miami International University of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


AIU is good at creating innovative, ambitious top chefs.


An art school that promotes and helps expand the creativity of all its students.


Ai provides opportunities for students to unleash their inner artist, whether it be with fashion, photography, film, design, anything; this school is a fundamental key in understanding the basics about the business side of an art, and a creative side; no matter the case, Ai will always put art before anything technical so it's students are not discouraged from pursuing a career with art. Ai is just brilliant in the way they take an art, and help the student find a career after graduating. "A job is something you do, a career should be something you love."


My school is very artistic, passionate, and career-oriented; it provides a rich learning environment and is very dedicated to its students.