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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It seems we had gotten lost in a fairytale, but Life does not knock on the door and hand you accomplishments on a silver platter. The insecurities you are wearing so shamefully bold will only make you stronger but first may make you weak. However, when it does...DO NOT GIVE UP! Remain true to yourself and absolutely no boys allowed until graduation! Focus on everything you have ever wanted to do, perfect your talents, skills, and allow your knowledge to be watered. Do not...and I repeat a million times plus NOT procastinate in anything you do! Read your journals and take notes of all your goals and dreams. The transition is hectic, stressful but worth the every tear and heartache. The decision to not take the SAT was wrong! Take them! I know you feel academically inadequate, but you are not! You are smart and determined. Take the time to submit scholarships once you begin to apply for schools as well. Distractions are like little minions nipping at your toes so stomp them like bugs and keep marching. God is your number one Source, belive in Him, keep the FAITH and always remember, Jeremiah 29:11.


Going back to my freshman year, I would tell myself to take advantage of everything high school has to offer. Join any and everything that takes your interest, no matter what your friends might think. Those homecoming dances, attend them all! You might have the most memorable night ever. Some advice for senior year, make it the best year. Do something that will have all the underclassmen remembering you after you graduate. Most of all, just have fun. Those 4 years will go by quickly but you have to make sure they last in memories.


I have really transformed and matured in my major of Fashion Merchandising. The Miami International University of Art & Design continues to prepare me for the cut throat fashion world that exists today. The teachers are very honest about how much hard work and dedication I would have to have in order to make a memorable mark in the fashion world. I am taught to not only be fashion savvy, but book smart as well, meaning I have the ability to style a top notch outfit worthy of a magazines recognition and tell you the history behind the designer and the clothing that is being worn. If I did not attend this university I would not have the guts or proper education to survive in the world of fashion. My teachers have work in the fashion world for decades, so they are more than qualified to "school me" on everything that I need to know to be as successful as they are.


i have gotten a good experience of what not to get out of college


I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising which is the business side of fashion. I love that industry. Since I love Fashion and Business, so therefore that major was an easy choice where I can get to combine both. On My first year in school I've been learning a lot, and the fact that I can I get the chance to use my creative side make me more satisfy with my choice. What I like the most about my school is that, all the classes are very important to attend because for each classes there is actually a job available. Being the oldest in my family is really important for me to attend college. Notg only I will be the first to graduate college in my family ,but I can get to set an example for my siblings. After taking the FCAT test reading for seven times before I finally passed it, I cannot afford to give up on school now. Even though it has been a challenge for me financially, and espeacially when english is not your first language. I will survive all my challegenges because my motivations are stronger than my obstacles.


I have gotten valuable academic learning from the classes that i have taken. I wouldn't change it for anything. I would reapply instantly. For all the running around that the Student Services and Academic Affairs gives the students and the class registration issues, i still wouldn't change schools. the people i have met there and the classes i have taken, i have learned much that has to do with my field of Digital Photography. Though the degree is fledgling at the most at the Art Institute of Tampa, it is still bursting with the newest and best technology.


My college experience has helped me to become a matury, responsible lady.


I would say, "Self. Are you stupid or something? According to your current GPA, you are. Wake up, man. Smell the coffee. Get your head on straight. You think the things that you're doing right now are more important than your education? You're wrong. If you don't change some things now, you're going to wake up as a 40 year old man drowning in an educated world that you cannot relate to. By the looks of your grades, when you do decide to go back to school, you may find it a difficult row to hoe. Your current GPA alone won't get you through the door. You will spend countless hours writing 1000 word essays to boards of directors and admissions counselors. You will have to fight and scratch and it will be hard to learn even the basics again because, guess what? You're not learning them now. You might think you're smart and have all you need to make it in this world, you're not and you don't. So Self, pretty please, with sugar on top, dust off your brain and get on the education train."


Keep school , organize your time, and stay on track.


I would tell myself to learn another language, being bilingual would be a huge asset. I would also tell myself to become more invovled with school activities and other activities in the community. Study more but play hard. Read more, watch TV less. Visit more museums. Become more cultured, it helps. Most importantly, do what makes you happy, don't be concerned with the money aspect of the job, find something that you could happily do for the rest of your life and don't be afraid to just go for it! Life is too short to worry about the little things.


The things I would tell myself in the past is to focus and work harder. Everything your teachers have been telling you up until now was not a lie. Mrs. Mendez in the 5th grade was only trying to make you realize that you can really become anything you want to as ong as you put forth the effort. The work load and deadlines are just as they portrayed them, in abundance and with no exceptions. Knowledge is half the battle, and we have almost won now go and and win the war...


I would simply tell myself to take advantage of all resources: people (other students and teachers), literature, and activities. No one can make it through life without assistance in some way from others. Opening up to the people I was surrounded by at such a vulnerable age would have given me a broadened view of opportunities down the road. There is no need to be "clicky" in high school, hanging out with only one group of people. Being in a "click" limits the opportunities and open-mindedness of an individual. Getting advice from teachers and asking more questions would have been helpful - knowledge is power. Reading and studying more, not just for the good grades, but for the information and how to apply it to my own life would have been helpful as well. Taking in information from assigned books and movies, maybe not knowing how to use it then , but being open to what it could mean in the future would have been helpful for future experiences. Lastly, interaction with others outside of the classroom. Social skills are important personally because they teach us about ourselves; things we like and dislike, and how to change those things.


If I could go back in time, I'd be a very rich woman! There are definitely more than a few things I'd tell myself now that I know what difficult decisions lie ahead. The first thing I would say is apply to more schools!! I strongly believe I limited myself just by thinking negatively and not applying to all the schools I wanted, just the ones I thought I could make it to. Another thing is be more involved in extra curricular activities that pertain to your field in high school. This will not only be fun, but it will tell you whether or not this is really where you see yourself in 5 years. I had the experience of having to change majors in college and it can be confusing and sometimes even depressing. I felt I didn't know what I wanted at all! I would also tell myself that in Art school, you cant study the minimum and get away with it, so I'd need to better my study habits in order to succeed. Finally, Student loans are not the scariest things in the world, not graduating is worse, SO GET OVER IT!


I would give myself the advice to do what you love. I spent over two years at another university doing economics which i hated. I didn't have the confidence in myself back in high school to do film. I decided to take the safe route and do business. Film was where i needed to be from the beginning, and i would have told myself as a high school senior to take the chance, and do something your passionate about.


Christy, put a stop to the procrastinating and worrying about trivial personal dillemas that won't effect you in the long run. Take a look at the big picture, you should be making straight A's, applying for scholarships for art school. You understand how expensive it is, so get with the picture. In a few months you'll be worrying about money to simply pay for gas. Pick up the pace, you need to understand how vital money is in this economy. School isn't free. Of course it's worth the money that you would pay in the end, yes, but what if you didn't have to worry about money?! Honestly, Christy, free money could be the huge difference in your career. With a scholarship you could buy the camera you've always wanted to help pursue your photography career. Dedicate yourself more! Stop lollygagging, you'll regret it. I promise you will. Please pick up the pace, for yourself, you're going to need a break from worrying about money. Keep your head up high and your GPA even higher, corny, I know. But really. Be happy and be smart. Much love, Yourself


If i could go back in time and talk to yourself i would tell mysef to work hard and look for more scholarship.Also to not lounge around and wait too late to everything. Should get all the classes i need and stop playing around. Do good on my tests and quizs also homework.


I would work harder in school. I would've spent more time focusing on my school work and become an overachiever. I also would have attended all of the sporting events since I don't have any in my college.


First of all that education is key, when your young sometimes you take education for granted, your mind is on other things or you really haven't found your passion. But as hard as it may seem is so much better in the long run to have it, if it's your passion your still seeking, I'm all for seraching for that spark thats clicks between you and the professional you want to be, so my advice would be to go after it and once you have it, don't waste your time, get you education going. College will not be easy, it is alot of hard work but being able to complete it will not only make you feel like a winner but its what's going to separte you from the rest.


Be prepared to work everyday towards your career.Take evrything seriously and stay on top of all my work. Try not to worry to much about hanging out with friends beacuse there will always be a time for that just not daily.....


Approch every situaton prepared


I would tell myself to stay grounded and focused. I would advise myself also to not be disheartened at how people will change. People will always change and the experience is enough to have walked a little bit of my journey with them. There are people from all walks of life that will walk in and out but always walk your own path.


Do lots of research and find a college that would allow a student to succeed and also have fun.


The best advice I can offer is plan ahead. Carefully consider all that you want out of college and your experience there. Take the time to discover what your interests are and which college will most accommodate them. Think about what programs they offer. It does not make sense to go to law school when your dream is to be a doctor. Think about location and cost of tuition. Private school is nice, but being in debt for life is not. Reflect on what type of housing you want, as well as what type of atmosphere. Are you going to school strictly for education, or are you looking for the college lifestyle you see on television? Do not be hesitant to tour the campus or talk with faculty and students, after all they are the ones that can tell you what it is like. Ask plenty of questions. Above all, go with what you feel is right.


Choose the school that you feels will provide you with the best education possible, and will send you out into the wolrd four years from now an educated individual


The best advice that I would give to any parent is to make it a responsibility to visit the campus. By doing so, you can see how your child will live and meet the faculty that will accompany him/her. Also, I would try to pick a university that is well known, academically, in order to open up better doors and provide a brighter future for the child. Make sure that the job placement system is more than decent and that the professors do not teach courses that they, personally, lack much experience. If the parents are willing to pay for their child's education either through a loan or by direct funds, make sure the school is well worth it. Without a solid performance being given by the school itself, the child/student will not reap the necessary knowledge required in order to survive in our current time.


When choosing a college, dont get caught up in the big named schools just because it will look good on a resume. I think the trick to picking a school is choosing one that best fits your personality, like anything in life. Choose something that you will not have to think twice about. When you finally choose the right college, make the most of it! Since you're spending so much money, think of it as an investment for life. It's something you should take advantage of every single day.


Pick the school that is going to benefit you. Do not choose your school based on where your friends are going to attend. Know what you what to do in your life going in to school. Don't overload yourself with a ton of activities as you do need to stay focused on school. First start off with a few and if you think you are doing okay, add more. Pick a school you know you are going to be comfortable going to and think about your expenses and where you are going to live. These are all important factors in deciding which school is perfect for you. Make the most out of everything, and better yet have fun!!


My advice to parents or students is that is very important to go to college because you going to be able to get a degree on the field you like and also your going to have the opportunity to explorer new ideas with other students. You are going to be able to set some goals while are you at school and why it so important to accomplish your education goals. Going to school your going to become a successful student or parent that is going to be very proud of yourself because you have accomplished something that others are not able to do.