Alabama A & M University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is best known for its STEM related fields of education, especially for minority students.


Alabama A&M is best known for its service to its students. There is always someone there that is willing to help you out, all you have to do is seek them out. Within my first year although I am an out of state student I have made many of friends with freshmen and upper classmen.


My university is know for the destinct history, prestigious background, and being on "The Hill."


My school is known for traditional basketball game, football, and greek organizations. We also have one of the best education programs


The School of Education, the Music and Choir Programs, and School of Engineering.


it's engineering program.


My school is best known for the volleyball, bowling, and soccer teams along with the education program, and social work programs.


At Alabama A & M University we are known for our Bulldog Football team. They are great and keeps the schools spirt going with every win. Even if they lose, it only brings us as Bulldogs together.


My school is best known for being a black college, it's varsity sports and it's loyal alumni.


Agriculture and Mechanical Programs


My shool is best known for being and HBCU. Our founder William Hooper Councill founded this school with the intentions of educating a race of people who been discriminated against for over two hundred years. He made great advancements for the African American race and our campus houses the State Black Archives.